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I'm also here, just for the event ya know[不滿]

I really like the idea for this game..a free mobile phone smash with Shonen Jump characters, I enjoy playing with it and creating new teams, even if in online matches I find really good people who defeat me immediately, for the rest...I recommend this game [微笑]

personally I love the saga of Fate and this is an incredible game! interesting story, fantastic events with you can get servants or many useful items, I love this game. [色色]

after having partially understood what the writing means, it is perfectly playable, and it is a great game that deserves a good review

I love the graphics and the rest, but I find it a bit slow for everything...or maybe it's just my phone that doesn't hold it, anyway I appreciate the game [微笑]



it's really cool and is not pay to win so..i love this game (especially because I'm a fan of the saga).

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Goddamn right #StayHomeActivity Shinpachi spitting facts Read Note
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