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starting 2022 they remove the double gem campaign, and change to tagapay, no longer worth if you're f2p or dolphin. man played quite a while but I'm done now for sure

graphic is okay, but control is soo rigid, you cant hover when shooting except by moving your character, but the addition of summon and magic is good, they do try to bring something new

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


its a skip, if you dont have wifi/data dont bother to download, I'm here to save your time, persona 3 have better graphic, they dont bother give to catchy sound when click and its soo bland in battle, gameplay is crap and boring. thats all ty for reading

Dragalia Lost


I played since day 1, its a great game

天地劫 | 繁中版


That graphic though thats console level, its soo beautiful I didnt expect it I thought it was a fake screenshot first, kinda blown away its a nice game but sadly I dont understand the language😂
edit: misspelled

Hard to put down, for old school gamer who grew up with FF1 back in the days, I'm a sucker for this art style, totally was made for me

Guardian Tales | Korean


damn good game

Just great in every aspect, and totally addicting

Sevens Story


relaxing fun game

the only hate is no voice during battle and stupid VIP system, totally ruined my mood

Guys stop complaining and start downloading 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 rip data

Granblue Fantasy


This game is one of RPG pinnacle



rating should do the comment

Megido 72


Its different from normal rpg, plus the character summon does not have rarity.

Too good to be true, in my taste its better than FGO, keep it up :)

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where did this luck came from?
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