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i wish they add English language .. but stilli like the amine



Add English language plzzzzz .why every good game not release with English language support ..always disappointed by dev not adding english .. now i cant play .. i am dieing ... :(



Love this game . very addictive and enjoyable .plz make it in English so more people can enjoy playing this game ....



Hi every one plz add line for talk for daily mission task . so i can ask for help . i am stuck on daily mission because cant understand Chinese . comment you line id i can add you . any one who can help me for English translate for some daily task

shittttt game 3 update inna day and still unplayable .lol u guys are suckssssss . go play with atari game

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having lodin issues. login failed why .. any idea from.last two days . before i was playing fine Read Note
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