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Sin Chronicle


I must say its not a bad game since it's Chronicle Series but this game needs a lot of improvement because I just know that some give bad comments and some expected that is in verge of Service End.

So, SEGA must have to make a lot of improvement to make this game more interesting including the Main Story which is in Prologue only is in Full Voice and at the end of each Stage only.

This game is one of the top japanese games ever that rivals KuroWiz, Chain Chronicle and FGO. Looks like there is a new Main Story, NEW WORLD. The name sounds like traveling to another world that vibes KuroWiz and Chain Chronicle Act 4. Speaking of KuroWiz, I hope that the Series that I like in KuroWiz or same vibes will appear in Shironeko.

That is one of the best games that I played. The storyline that are made me interested for playing. But what's pains me is doesn' t have full voices for Main Story, same as FGO. Besides, the mobile games nowadays are full voiced. If it is full voiced, I bet the rating rank will higher.

Oh, this is my comments about Act 4 - Shin Sekai no Yobigoe:

1. Genju no Sekai - The land of mythical beasts and fairytale creatures.

2. Bouryaku no Sekai - It's like Mafia Group vs James Bond's disciples vs Arsene Lupin's disciples.

3. Yuugi no Sekai - That's very entertaining world and I bet Japan's famous card games is in that world.

4. Shinsen no Sekai - It's like Chinese Dinasty War but the characters are Superhumans.



It's pretty impressive Story and battle play. From what I know, the genres are Action, Drama, and Supernatural, because all cases so far can't resolved by normal methods. Besides, except Knocker Up, all people s' memories are erased after incident ended. So far, 9 people become Knocker Up after Chapter 6.

Speaking of supernatural, I bet this game could get collabed with Jujutsu Kaisen. I'm also thought that Magia Record and 3Y also candidate for Collab event. Looking forward which is the first Collab will appear.

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