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Dragon Raja | Global


Totally in love and addicted! [色色]
Everything's topnotch in this game. Give it a go. For now there are 4 classes to choose from & play.
1. Blade Master (Fire User)
2. Gunslinger (Wind User)
3. Assassin (Earth User)
4. Soul Dancer (Water User)
There are 2 more classes: Fighter & Scythe User or Dream Eater.
They will be introduced later in game.
Waiting for my favourite class, Dream Eater ❤️❤️❤️
Character customisation is lovely!
You can play as a male or a female. There's a third gender too. Called Lolita. [開心]
You can even choose your career. A chef or a superstar.
You can bond with someone and wed them.
You can customise your ride.
Story is nice & indulging.

Great game! [色色] But, difficult to obtain 5 star weapon skills unless you do some serious whaling. Or you're just lucky!
Good storyline. Gameplay can get a bit boring. Events are cool too but they get a lil repetitive.

Tales of Wind


Absolutely looove this game! It's super kawaii! ❤️❤️❤️
There are 6 classes to choose from, and you get promoted after you hit level 50. Fun events to play everyday. There's a marriage system too. Outfits are adorable! Voice acting is funny actually. 😂 You don't have to whale a lot to get far ahead in the game.
MMORPG lovers..this is something you will not regret installing. [色色]

SoulWorker: Zero


Ahhhhh! Wonderful game! [色色] I'm a sucker for anime styled graphics. This game fits the bill.
I just wish they made a few avatars purchasable by unpaid diamonds. [可憐]
Waiting for Lily Bloomerchen's release. ❤️ She's my main in the PC version and absolutely suits my combat style! [開心]
I hope they release an English version! [微笑]

SAO の fan の 皆さん!!! [色色] Y'all gon' love thisss! [開心] Immediate install recommended. ❤️

KleptoCats 2


Ailurophiles..! Install this! [開心][色色]

Kaaaa-neeee-kiiiii! ❤️[開心]❤️
Tokyo Ghoul lovers do install this game. Decent graphics and sounds. I'm not a huge fan of turn based games but this one's fun. Not very hard to earn Kaku gems & the gatcha pull system is quite generous with SSR characters. If you're looking for passing the time.. install recommended! [微笑]

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


[色色] Suuuperrr kawaii anime game! Recommended for the Otakus! Only downside? Terrible gatcha pull rate! 💔

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Ban...kai! ❤️
Deducted a star for the terrible gacha rate. You spend tons of orbs but are unable to pull your desired character. Otherwise a must play game for all the Bleach fans out there! Fun to play the story line and join co-op raids. Kawaii events to participate in. Overall 9/10.

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