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Have been playing in and is ok it could be better but its ok



The game have good graphics and very attractive character [怪笑] but is very grinding, it gets really hard very fast and is not so f2p friendly, you will waste must of the time trying to get better armor just so you can go past chapter 3 and the gasha part of the game rlly suck bc the only character's that are rlly good as ssr are the pilgrims the rest sucks. Overall this fell more like a wailers game.

Idle Angels


a game about girls with big BIG personalities

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


This game change a bit since the lunch, im happy that i have return to play it.

its just another afk game but with wifus and alot of boobs ;)

After return to this games after launch i must say they rlly add alot of good stuff and I can't wait for next season for the zombie mode to return[開心]

Tensura:King of Monsters


good game with great graphics.

Is a good game just that I can wait for the english version if they released it some day.

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