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good game to play , storyline does matchup to novel/anime from floor 1 and told from assault team view so makes it more immersive.
events also have their own story and interesting as well.
game is worth a shot if u are fan of sao 😘 and no server issues

nice game , was always interested in kof lore which it delivers on .
gameplay wise is fairly simple and straightforward.with varied mode of gameplay, definitely keeps u occupied
needs some work on championship mode as it lags in most cases.
gacha is generous in a way so u can easily farm the stuff required for it and drop rate are decent.
overall a entertaining game , worth a try

the game has solid graphics and gameplay. i like how miho took the initiative and went global unlike other cn rpg games.
the game itself has a variety of char and different playstyle iits must play if ur rpg fan and game has good waifus.
storyline is quite good to see in terms of char development
overall a great game as a rpg.

Blank City


not as bad as u think game itself has a Lotta potential to grow except for camera everything else is fine
And don't compare everything to hi3 (I play it as well ) this game also has its charms just enjoy those than be a fanboy to one

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A fun game overall , been playing the game since its release.
havent played the first one but 2 has its own contained story (I think cause taking it slow on that end for me ) with certain continuation from the one.
gameplay wise pretty solid in combat with different char playstyles and in diffculty & well u can play it offline as well as online so thats a plus.
Definitely worth ur time if u are into somewhat ow adventure games [開心]
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