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Mahjong Soul | English


This game is really friendly to f2p players because there isn't anything like strong items or characters here, it's just that this game doesn't have prizes like daily logins or something that allows us to buy the things we want. But for the whole, this game is pretty good and very easy to understand for people who want to learn mahjong (like me) [微笑]

Arknights | English


Only one thing I want to talk about this game

This game is very very very awesome[哇噻][哇噻]

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Attention please! Previously I wanted to apologize because my cellphone storage was running low and I was planning to reset my cellphone data, so this might be my last post[大哭]
Of course, I'll definitely be back but not anytime soon. Once again, I'm sorry[憋屈]
That's all from me, thank you for your attention[厲害]
See you again[憋屈]
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