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Arknights | English


rainbow 6

i only play because of kamen rider

not that bad, gmae overall is good but the combat is unqiue.



only played for kamen rider but it still good game

BLEACH: Brave Souls


bleach :o

Vampire Survivors


pretty good!

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


i think it pretty cool the way the gameplay is. the loading time is long but there is no gacha so that pretty good

the idea is cool and the gameplay is too. But i don't know what the story is and the UI is not that good :/

Granblue Fantasy


this game is good i come back to it time to time and im not that sure what to do but it is a good game with very cool art :)

Epic Seven | Global


i only keep playing for rumiru tempest :l

it is a great game but right now it is hard for me to get gems and new character keep coming after another making it hard to save before a new character :(. i really like the gameplay but im not sure if it is longlasting tho

it is great, but some bugs here and there it the gameplay is great and fun :o

great game and pretty fun at times. but it is some what grindly near endgame. if you can you should try it out.

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my first five star summoned charcter is she good? Read Note
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