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I offline every time now.
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I offline every time now.
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Tera Classic | Japanese


Already try this game,it has worst UI and ugly UI.Auto battle and auto-walking ruined this game.2D NPC character look different than 3D NPC character.Graphics is fine but the 3D NPC character is look ugly.The sound is not very good.Gameplay is worst and 3D camera wasn't perfect.Some 2D character skin look different than the 3D character skin.

Anyways,I hope this game can improve the graphics,change the UI,remove the auto battle and auto walking.Improve the gameplay and make the NPC face look like the 2D character and better and make the player character face look better and make the gameplay sound better.

Soukou Musume



Earth WARS: Retake Earth


I hope the developer can change the jump button to evade button and change the evade button to jump button because it hard to tap evade button in the game.

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Version 5.2 Censored ! This version 5.2 of the Japanese version has censored. Read Note
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