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trans idiot that entered a cringe username that I'm stuck with forever.
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trans idiot that entered a cringe username that I'm stuck with forever.
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It's pretty fun :)

Grimlight | Global


Art is great, music is pretty good, plays like Illusion Connect.
SSR rate is like 1.5%, and you're not guaranteed one in the tutorial gacha (only 10 rerolls)
also rerolling needs multiple gmail/apple accounts (no guest) so..

Not the best, but definitely not bad enough to review bomb over some maintenance, though.
Didn't even see this much hate over Azur Lane's 3 day server fire couple years back, sheesh

This app changed my life, before Hackadoll my life was empty and meaningless, I even considered just ending it all. But Hackadoll changed all that; it showed me there was more to life; it instantly cured my depression; immediately not only transitioned me to female but also made me cisfemmel; it showed me the face of God and revealed to me the cure for cancer; it allowed me to hear the whispering of the winds and understand the color of happiness.

100/10 download this immediately

It looks crunchy as hell with 0 graphic setting beyond fps
also characters and sephira are in the same pool, immediate no from me chief

Revived Witch | English


It sounds good and the pixel graphics & character art look pretty.
Idk what else to say I just like this game, maybe I'm more biased because I played the beta

World Flipper | Japanese


Pinball with waifus/husbandos. Looks great, Sounds great, and there's a pretty good diversity of characters, which they seem to add frequently. It's pretty fun :)

Honestly there are no words. This game is actually just great.
Addicting, cute art style, and cookies.
What's there not to love?

Cytus II


Good gaem.
Play Pass makes everything free.
But it was so good before that I bought all the characters anyway, and was going to buy all the song packs.
Best rhythm game I've played.
Worth the buy.



All in all, this is just an extremely solid game. Graphics are great for what they are, (2D sidescroller), especially some of the more involved skill animations. Gacha rates from what I've experienced have been fairly good, though of course some luck is still needed, (especially in the confidential recruitmrnt >_>).
What else can I say.... uhhh, story was pretty great actually. It took me a while to get into, but it had me sold on it by the end.
Oh! and the English translation is extremely good, I've only ever noticed some misplaced "the"s and "at"s and such.
Also the counter pass they have (it's just a battle pass) is the first and only one I've done every time, just because it's that easily completable, provided you log in at least once a day during it's active period. (and buy the 12$ admin coin subscription, which has always payed out just enought o buy it by the end. Saves like 13$)

It all boils down to: it's good looking game with an enjoyable story, pretty solid sound design, (I don't play with voices on so no idea on the voice acting), frequent enough events, a gacha that pays out often enough to not sour me on it, and it's good enough to get me to pay 12$ a month for a freaking battle pass.

Good game. Nowhere near perfect, but I think it does its job decently well. Love the designs of the shipgirls... dolls? nah, shipgirls. As someone who didn't go in expecting GFL (mostly because I don't play it... much) I think the ameplay's aight. Could be said to be a bit lacking as it's really just skills and switching positions, but hey that's what GFL combat is anyway. What it's is missing is the map combat, which is the dealbreaker for some, but not for me because I sucked at it anyway. Also I might be misunderstanding how to farm but gacha currency seems scarce sometimes.

In short; this is not GFL: Shipgirl Edition. Don't go in expecting it to be. (And save your gacha currency.)

Phantom Rose Scarlet


Everyone always writes these super long analysis reviews of games that go all in-depth about everything, and frankly those are can get boring to read. (also I'm too stupid to write one anyway)

Look, Phantom Rose Scarlet is a good game.

Is it revolutionary? No.

Is it the best game I've ever played, ever? No.

Is it a decent mobile game made by a solo dev with minimal p2w items that hardly effect the game anyway, with the rest of the microtransactions being optional cosmetics, and optional ads you don't need to watch, that's easy to pick up and play whenever?

Heck yeah.

It's a pretty fun deck builder for mobile, amazing for something made by one person, that succeeds at looking both cute and badass while also being designed to be put down at a moments notice while losing 0 progress.Kinda like how you when you close a DS and it freezes the game 'till you can play again later.

You could at least give it a try, you know?

"Okay. I have to go now, and get back to playing Phantom Rose Scarlet on my Nintendo 3DS"
- someone, probably

Blue Archive | Japanese


There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said; great graphics, incredible music, solid gameplay...
Sure the lauch may have been more than a bit bumpy, but afterwards it's been nothing short of amazing!
Can't wait to see what'll be in store for us in the future~

Crash Fever | Japanese


The superior version of Crash Fever (at least compared to global) for its ability to have properly balanced units & quests, as well as not having a hyperinflated polygon numbers.
Character and sound design sre stellar, and I find myself wanting to collect as many as I can just for that sweet sweet artwork. Gacha is still gacha though, and RNGsus doesn't favour me all that much.
All in all, a pretty solid game that I've put quite a number of hours into.

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Sera is really cool
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