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#24yrs #Female #osu!Player #EnsembleStars #LoveLive #BangDream #GenshinImpact | Whaler in EnStars
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#24yrs #Female #osu!Player #EnsembleStars #LoveLive #BangDream #GenshinImpact | Whaler in EnStars
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Been waiting so long to play it (+5 yrs) and thanks to QooApp (discovered this app years later) I can

Damn I love the graphics (very beautiful 3D models considering it's an old game and it's amazing how everyone looks so different from another). Also there's lots of songs to play (they even make lots of anime/game collabs) and they have a very huge voice actor cast [暈]


Graphics: The 3D models are looking fine af
Unfortunately I have to use 2D since the notes are laggy when I use 3D
At least the game's loading way faster (switching between screens) than other games (yes I'm looking at you ProSekai)

Story: Haven't finished reading all stories yet but I'm crying 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

✽ Will edit my review another time

I don't regret falling into Idol Hell

Stardew Valley


My favorite farming game (still love Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons tho)

You get a TON of (free) content for a small price.
Very lovable characters. The OST (also bought it) is enjoyable and you're not rushed to finish certain tasks (except from villager's requests if they set a deadline)

I love this game so much I own it on: Android, iOS, PC and Switch

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It was a long road I finally maxed out all (the ones I own) Mika's cards (fan)
Now it's your turn Natsume
I'll rise both Mika's and Natsume's rank once the latter's fans are maxed out
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