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#26F #loves Anime/Manga/LN/VN/Seiyuu | #osu! #EnStars #ProSeka #BangDream #LoveLive #Idolmaster #GenshinImpact | UNDEAD×Knights×ALKALOID×紅月
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#26F #loves Anime/Manga/LN/VN/Seiyuu | #osu! #EnStars #ProSeka #BangDream #LoveLive #Idolmaster #GenshinImpact | UNDEAD×Knights×ALKALOID×紅月
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Playing both EN & JP but switched to JP due to the latter being more smooth (gameplay)

Graphics: I like both old and new artstyles

Gacha: I'm way more luckier in JP compared to EN

Lots of songs (+ collabs!)

※ Will edit my review another time

Graphics: Amazing how smooth it runs (playing on iPad) & the cards are pretty (even ★4 cards)

Sound: Lots of songs to choose from

Story: Set as N/A because I'm unable to read JP

※ Will edit my review

Graphics: I like how smooth this game works (also applies switching between screens)
The card's illustrations are aesthetic

Sound: Huge variety of songs (even a bunch of collabs)

Story: Man, the story made me cry especially at emotional moments

Gacha: The banner is sometimes good to me otherwise I'm unlucky af

※ Will edit my review another time

I've waited +5 years to finally play this game (unable to find it)

Story: rated as N/A since I'm unable to read JP

Graphics: Beautiful 3D models considering it's an old game and it's amazing how everyone looks so different from another

Lots of songs (+ collabs) & huge VA cast!

※ Will edit my review another time

This game is consuming my wallet/sleep

Graphics: Beautiful 3D models (in my opinion it's on par with Deresute) and the details (MV) are amazing

Gameplay: Very fun! Especially spamming notes

Story: Haven't finished reading all stories yet (stories got taken down tho) but some of them are dark (still very enjoyable and also relatable)

※ Will edit my review another time

I don't regret falling into Idol Hell
Thanks to this game (1st idol anime as well) I fell into even more Idol Hell games

※ Will edit my review another time

Stardew Valley


My favorite farming game (still love Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons tho)

You get a TON of (free) content for a small price.
Very lovable characters. The OST (also bought it) is enjoyable and you're not rushed to finish certain tasks (except from villager's requests if they set a deadline)

I love this game so much I own it on: Android, iOS, PC and Switch

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My collection after 3 years Got today another new ★5 card
Still no Tsukasa (starter) card in sight
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