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the best AFK Simulator out there! this is better than the PC version. combat is better because of the placement of attack skills in a two page radial instead of button combos with hot keys spread across the keyboard. everything is streamlined and the game is optimised every patch. the only downside is that the game is later than the PC version. we have to wait until other classes, like the Kunoichi and Archer, arrive in the mobile version. i've played this game 24/7 and awakened 3 toons (the other is from a Lv60 free toon 1st anniversry event) in a span 6 months. my only problem is that the obstacle course in the awakening quest got fixed camera positions in the last bit of the course. it is disorientating and your toon could get out of focus. this MMO is very livable than its competitors.

this is ガルパン of the skies. this is seriously my introduction of the animé. like "ガルパン あつまれ!みんなの戦車道!!" gacha, gacha rate and squad formation screens are the similar. story flow also follows the animé and since it started just recently, i doubt there'll be much content like ガルパン does. i like the way the story is told. the characters move freely and there are some short clips from the animé. gameplay felt more of a dice roll. results differ each mission replay even if there is little to no change with your pilots and their planes. my major gripe is that game features are locked by level instead of open outright. there are locked features up to Player Lv.20! SERIOUSLY! if you haven't seen the animé, play this, if you do, give this a pass; or wait till the animé move further for more in-game content then play it .

this ガルパン mobile game is way better than its top down 2D predecessor. content is way better than the PS4 game because this will span up to Das Finale. my only gripe is that Bandai hold up the other schools and teams when you already have their tank sans the crew or vice versa. like you'll get a 4☆ Alice Shimada but you don't get her past Lv.80 (you need Lv.90 to rainbow her) and minus her M26 Pershing. you'll have to wait long for it. when will we get to Das Finale? for how long Shark Team fans have to wait? probably within a year or two.

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today's update - it is time to shore up those pearls to get more of the Tier 1 pets while they are half the price and sell them off at the marketplace for billions when the 50% discount event is over www Read Note
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