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[憋屈] ゲームは退屈です

Penguin Island Puzzle


[賣萌] 好きです。かわいいです

Nameko Shop


[開心] super fun puzzle game, plenty of hours of fun if youve got nothing to do. the beginning tutorial is slightly slow. but stick it out, it's worth it.

Kuroko's Dash


[開心] super kawaii game. Adore Kuroko. very simple and entertaining.

Plague Inc.


[發困] okay game, played it a few years ago and came back to it again recently. not much changed, after a few games it is very monotonous.

[白眼] simple mahjong style game. very simple relaxing game

gudetama tap!


ぐでたま好きです!!! かわいいです!!



헐!! This game is great! plenty of events and always updating. great unique style of puzzle game. love it.

[色色] Shin in one of my favourite animes, I absolutely love this game. similar to a temple run style game.. Loads of things to collect and plenty of hours of entertainment .

Hako Hako Shop Street


absolutely love this game! it's very kawaii and there is a lot to do. This game is very generous with the gold bars meaning you can play it without spending irl money. if you love kawaii games that you can play for hours and then download it!!

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starting to crack up.
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