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Please give it a chance. It will surprise you in a good way. I have no complaints at all!
I just finished this season, waiting for the release of the second one in December.
Note: you shouldn't be playing this game if you're underage.⚠️⚠️

I really like it. This project is amazing in general. The game is very fun.
What I don't like that much about it is the way to "idolize"-please excuse me for that word, I don't know other one I could use. I know they aren't idols- your cards. It's MUCH better right now that when the game just launched because they've made much easier to get materials for it but still I don't really like the system. It takes a lot of time-effort.
Leveling up your rank is kinda slow too unless you play with max energy all the time or use expert mode. But that's ok. That has also been improved since it launched.
The music is amazing, the story is good, the characters are perfect with very interesting backgrounds and they are very different from each other, there'll be at least one you like for sure, but after knowing them more let me say that you won't be able to like just one.
I like the rap battles in the visual novel part, they are so cool with that manga like style!
Far as I know, the artist who draws the art for this game is the same one as the CD covers, official art and all so the art is very high quality and good looking.
The killer scratch is very well designed, it's comfortable and different from other music games, 10/10 on that. The DJ-like notes are cool and make you feel more into the hip hop vibe.
The new rap battle chibi game that was just added is nice, it's cute. I play when I want to play ARB but I don't have much free time.
The game has many options for configuration about killer scratch, downloading extra content and others, you can even turn off the voice of a certain character if you don't like them.
About the difficulty of the songs, please go to options and set it at x8 speed or more. You'll stop thinking it's easy immediately. You can actually choose the speed of the notes in killer scratch, but I assume not many internacional players know about this option.
The events are good! The stories always make me laugh a lot. And thank God, they've stopped doing the "play this single song a billion times to finish the event" as you had to in the beginning. God bless the updates. *survival of the illest "do you want more? "war flashbacks*
The SSR rate and how many gems you can earn *without real money* is average to me. Although I'd prefer that when there's an specific pull for a certain division you'd only get characters from that division. But that's fine, just a matter of luck, really.

I'll keep an eye for an English version in the future. If HYPMIC keeps getting famous I'm sure there'll be one. However I'm still enjoying the Japanese version.

If you play this game without knowing the project and you happen to like it, please check it more deeply, I'm sure you'll be delighted by the story and music!

Arknights | English


Amazing game. Sometimes you forget it's a phone game. I've been addicted to it playing daily for 3-4 months now. The events are a lot of fun! There's not much I can say, I'm usually mean when I review something but this is so well made I don't really have much to complain about. Some operators could be better but that's fine. Everyone is useful in their own way if you know how to use them

Excellent rhythm game. Enstars has always been amazing but the previous game made it not shine as much as it deserved for the music and story quality.
I downloaded as soon as it was out but I stopped playing because it gave trouble to my phone with small lags and overheating. I was able to prove that it was not my phone problem. Hoping later updates work on a better performance when it's been out for a longer time. I will surely try playing again in a near future.

10 Count for App react


I really like 10count. The game is good although it's not perfect. But it's sad that most events are the same from previous year again and again. I hope that if the anime comes out this game will get more attention.

Edit: Game closed. Rip. Thank you. I've enjoyed it.

Hello Sweet Days


Really cute. Not the best game ever but it's nice. I love it. There're many San X characters, furniture pieces and clothes are cute. (>﹏<) I'd wish there was an option for a male avatar but it can't be helped since most players are girls ╯﹏╰

Story and art design are cool. Voices sound nice and fit the characters. The cards' art is beautiful. Graphics are very good. Many characters have a bad behavior so it kinda makes you feel less interested at the beginning of the story. But the story is actually interesting and fun if you get farther. This is normal because they're on the villiain side.
Loading screens are too slow, there're too many.
Music game is uncomfortable to play. Lessons are boring, you don't do anything, that's a big problem for leveling up your cards.
It's not the worst but it could be greatly improved. I expected more.

Edit months later: Events have reaaaally pretty cards. Updates are helping with the bad points from before. That's good. Hope it continues improving.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


Bad quality lineart for the visual novel part of the game, it seems like the image resolution is too low or something. I don't understand this because the gatcha part really is HD and clean.
Reading the story is tiring because the chapters are short and you have to play the music game everytime you read one chapter. The music game could be improved, it's boring, you just have to tap a couple of times, it's not entertaining enough. It could be ok only if it was like each 3 chapters at least and not after each one.
The game gives you a lot of things to do but sometimes it just gets messy because it's too much.
Music and story is fine.
The characters are mostly bully type or too cold apparently?? their personality feels kinda basic to me, as if they just chose an stereotype for each according to the type of demon they are and that's it. Perhaps this is meant for a younger public. Nothing wrong with that, though. This is more a matter of personal preference. I can't help it if they aren't my type.

Onmyoji | Asia


I really like it, amazing game, too good to be just a mobile one!

SINoALICE | Japanese


The quality of the images could be better but the game is fun, characters are cool and the story is good!
Sometimes the music feels annoying to me because it's repetitive but it's pretty anyway

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Game suggestion Hello, I'd like to see "Inspix World" on Qooapp. It's only available for Japan. They will broadcast VR anime idols, vocaloid and other Japanese music lives soon. 
Thank you very much.
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