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I love the magical girl genre. My favorites are Sailor Moon and Precure. Enmu Tamio is my husbando.
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I love the magical girl genre. My favorites are Sailor Moon and Precure. Enmu Tamio is my husbando.
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Cute game where you combine similar eggs together. I got a glitch where I had unlimited slingshots.

DogLife: BitLife Dogs


It's okay.

Pastel Friends



Pastel Girl


I played this game in the past and it's still cute.

You collect fidgets, like how you would with blind bags for example, with money and trade. This game is mostly just trading with people. You can't do anything with the fidgets since they're just images.

Play with Dogs


This game reminds me a lot of Neko Atsume but your finger has it's own mechanic and you can collect puppies. No items are collected and you get to feed them three types of food.



A cute game were your cats retrieve items and what not for your room.

I played this game in the past. They had added much more to it so your not just filling up one room with objects.

Sticky Note Mini Yeastken


Useful and adorable.

Wizardess Heart


This is one of my favorite otome games.

I managed to solve one puzzle and I couldn't pick up any items. Everytime I interact with an object a white box with a blue bar on top will show up. At one point, I tried clicking everything and it said the item thing was full, in English, but the item thing was completely blank.

It's a cute game were you make sandwiches for cats. It's not difficult, in fact it's very simplistic.

Little Nightmares Comics





Why couldn't this be available on pc? The entire story mode is fully translated in English. My biggest problem is that I had a hard time controlling my character on my phone. A few items are hard to find because the game doesn't give any indication you can interact with it. You can't get items early because the game is really linear. Sometimes when you enter an area an ad my get in the way, it's really annoying.

Only the "Simple" set is free and you have to pay for the other sets.

Crappy game! It's full of ads and the character is far away. It doesn't play any background music. You have to watch a large number of ads to unlock more stuff. It looks nothing like the pictures.

Stray Cat Doors2


This is a lot better than the first game. The story is very wholesome and music is pleasant to the ears. I like how can walk around this time and interact with things.

Just your average game of solitaire that happens to look cute.

It takes a while to complete some of the stages.

Piggy Detected!


It's just a simple short game.

It's okay I guess.

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