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You can fly and catch crystals, fighting opponents is optional if you wanna stop them from getting crystals and steal from them. Its cool the game released both english and japanese at the same time in one server so there is more players in matchmaking. The controls was difficult at first but after some time I get used to it and able to control my character much smoothly which is a cool experience for 360degree movement.



Character design is cute, they have anime cutscenes only for a 4star character, 500times cap reroll one-time gatcha guarantees a 4star character so you can aim for any girl you want, my biggest gripe is that there is a fodder system in this game which I don't like but if you don't mind it then give it a try but I'd rather recommend princess connect redive or epic seven.

World Flipper


Super fun cute retro game

I feel a very FGO feeling from this one.

Renshin Astral


Bigger = Stronger! It plays like puyo puyo a bit, combining the size of units like crazy up to 8x8 is simply a lot of fun. I feel Godly![開心]



works surprisingly smooth on my average phone, got a lucky UR on my first roll, familiar faces from FF franchise, follows the popular tactics rpg the alchemist code. Loving it, the end.
Note: this game is handled by Gumi just like tagatame(the alchemist code)

Blade X Lord


I'm just loving the story, it is a very jrpg type of game giving the same vibe I got from Last Claudia too. The battle is simple real time rpg, a bit like xenoblade kinda, go close for autoattack, use 4 active skills, 3 brave skills from your party member, craft items and use them in battle, debuffs can be a pain so use items, give tactic orders and lastly soul burst which gives fast skill cooldown.
It's also cool you get to pull a free gatcha before downloading the game data, you get a guaranteed character so make sure you get someone you like.

Promiland | Japanese


it plays like every kind of chinese mmo nothing new except the graphics.



Interestingly you create your own hero by training them in the academy, the characters in the gatcha are just support members providing stats, skills and passive and you can put up to 5 of them when training your hero making them unique. That's a lot of possibilty of what kind of party you want to include. The academy story is really good too, the characters are really comedic. You can get equipments and items through dungeon drops and gain currency to do equipment gatcha. The equips can change your hero appearance a lot, also you can change the hero's voice to any SSR characters you got in the gatcha.
The battle in dungeons by default is auto decided by the personality AI when creating the hero but you can take control any time by giving specific orders only when you need to.

Lost Archive


Love the concept of the position strategy,it's like chess or shogi and you can make use of the pincer placing minions on both side of an enemy minion for extra dmg and link 3 minions in a row to get a buff, your leader also counts in pincer and link. Minions usually don't move instead moving is treated as a special skill. The game is still new and definitely a lot of bugs like cards gets stuck in midair. It also have a problem with timelimit since every action you do needs to finish first before you can do the next and the timelimit still ticks when you can't move in time.
In other words the gameflow is terrible, so I hope it gets better.

Touhou Cannonball


I love Touhou[開心]

I'm not even a fan of love live but I'm definitely impressed by the quality of this game, cute character design and fluid animations, fully voiced story except the protagonist player. The rythm gameplay is very simple but the character growth is deep. I don't know the characters much but I chose the very first girl that appeared in the story Uehara Ayumu and I'm liking her very much.



This game is pretty addicting how fast-paced the battle is. I like the simplicity of the charge, attack and defend roles together with card effects, it feels like a fighting game in card form. Its probably the only tcg I've seen that allowing you to look at your opponent's hand made more sense.



It's a tcg with mana movement system, force and flash timing but that's not why I play this game. This game is using a learning AI called "Codeman" in the game that can give you advice during battle, consult you on how your deck can improve and learns from your playstyle when fighting other players.
This is really revolutionary, your AI buddy have an AI level and synchro level but I don't know how that works. They also gain knowledge mastery of any cards you use so the more times you use a card, the more the AI can use it effectively and determines their personality like an aggressive player or defensive player.
The game is still very new and I look forward to how this will evolve. It is an AI raising game for tcg.

I thought this looked familiar, I actually played this a long time ago in a browser. It was a lot of fun, a hardcore jrpg but i didn't continue bcuz of the grind. Can't seem to login to this version so I just logged in to the browser version and I found a heap of goodies with 200+ summon tickets so I guess I'm coming back to this since it survived for so long.
*update: They got double speed in this version[開心] oh my! I can progress so much faster!

I was looking for a new hero collector game and I got baited by the pretty artwork again. I understand japanese and hearing them repeat the same line over and over again when using skills was extremely cringey, the entire time I was like "shut up already". Seriously there was no variations so it was torture. I couldn't get to the rest of the game cuz it's just that bad and the story was very bland, I just couldn't care even when trying to give them a chance to be interesting they failed. Played so many hero collector games, playing this one is like a downgrade. I do not recommend.

it's a great game but you need vpn which is bad cuz you'll disconnect a lot but the global version is out so play that version instead of this.

Tetris® Royale


It's a good game but not on mobile, controls are just too wonky to make precise movement. I also find the tutorial video very annoying since it autoplays on start screen repeatedly so everyone be careful with your data caps cuz it keeps draining your internet data.



It's a real time strategy card game that is similar to clash royale where mana increases over time and you play units that battle for you and you play action cards to support them. Play enough cards and you can use your hero action with a cool cut-in animation.Although there is NO chest boxes which is a good thing cuz it also take its cues from hearthstone.Buying card packs, breaking cards and creating new cards with it's resources. You can make 4 different color decks, Red, Green, Purple and Black, each with unique gameplay style.
The battle has a time limit of 5mins but they have an Active Response mechanic where both players play action cards to counter action cards which freezes time and ends up longer than 5mins, it almost always ends in a slug fight where no one can finish the other waiting for a timeout.
There are familiar capcom IPs so capcom fans would love this.



It's a great territory game like splatoon where you run around and conquer the area. I like how teamwork beats any single OP player bcz kills doesn't win you the game, if you coordinate with your teammates you can connect the area covering the inside of a large circle for a huge gain, in other words you can play a match without even battling the opponent but they can still cut off your link by crossing your already treaded path which is funny. The match only lasts 3mins which is a great burst of fun for a mobile on the go.
Characters are easy to get, you can test them all in the training room and then choose who you want to scout.
Weapons have one active skill and one passive skill but only your main weapon can use the active skill but you can equip sub weapons to add more passive skill so you can customize your gameplay.
All in all it's a great game and I hope more people can play this if they overcome the connection issue for other people.

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So hyped for two of my favourite cygames, Shadowverse and Princess Connect Re:dive are having their Anime airing in April 2020. and Happy 2nd anniversary to Priconne. Read Note
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