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Busy life, Love games, Former Hardcore player but now Casual player. It's about having fun and relaxing not being competitive and exhausting.
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Busy life, Love games, Former Hardcore player but now Casual player. It's about having fun and relaxing not being competitive and exhausting.
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Poor Princess


Aster Tatariqus


Phantom of the Kill game remade like Heaven Burns Red. If you know how HBR plays then you know the formula.



simple and easy to use

Pokémon Sleep


This app hates quiet sleepers, it wants you to snore NOT sleep

Cubic Stars


This game requires gyro control in your phone without it, it's unplayable, I don't have gyro so f*ck me then. They just alienate everyone who don't have gyro.

The game is slow and heavy, badly optimized, no graphic settings and the avatar is cringe.

The opening to the story of how the main characters got into this game is shown in the original game Princess Connect redive and then it continues here. You play online auto battler matches with 7 other players and it progresses the story and unlocks new leaders and new furnitures in the guild house. Get all the characters and you unlock boss mode, every run in the online auto battler records a party you can use to attack the boss, do it multiple times you can defeat the boss to reach the ending of the story.
This is such a high quality game but content wise is very small, this is basically a priconne event happening outside of the original game for a fresh new look, enjoy it while it's still available within a week.

Heaven Burns Red


This game is beautiful, characters are really funny especially how the main character interacts with all the other characters, every single one of them have a really strong quirk which makes them very interesting. There is sort of an offline grind in the game that makes leveling easier as time passes so difficulty wise it's easy to progress and just enjoy the story which is like more than 80% of it's content so if people skip the story just know you're skipping the majority of the content.

Wow these girls are ecchi, it's a neat little idle game, if you got space on your phone. Progression seems simple enough with a little bit of strategy but the girls man, its so ecchi even the boss also giving some service too.

GRAN SAGA | Japanese


I'm really loving this game, beautiful graphics and god tier animations and absolutely amazing bgm. This is probably the most immersive world for an auto mmo and the story got so good its like the jrpg I used to play which got its turning point for the characters this early, chapter 6 final boss was freaking hard with underlevel party but it was still doable.
Game has been very f2p friendly so far, probably did more than 300+ summons with free gems and gacha tickets and still have over 30k gems left to spare for future banners, regardless of gacha luck every character in each of their skill tree you are at least guaranteed 1 random SR & SSR GrandWeapon for that specific character plus a random SR Artifact. Also in the jewel shop after breaking an SSR GrandWeapon or Artifact you can exchange for a random one once a week. Looking forward to new characters joining the party.

This game reminds me so much like Atelier Ryza, very casual and cute and nothing world threatening, nice variations of materials to gather, fishing, crafting, cooking and even camping and all six girls are really cute.

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese


It feels very much like an idle game but a high quality one.

No japanese version, only voices. The game is only in chinese.

Feels just like clash royale, definitely a hell no for me.

Devil Book | Global


The usual auto questing and auto grinding mmorpg but with gacha to collect heroes. what's very odd is the "free" daily summon you must watch an ad to get the summon eventhough there is like sales package and the gacha, it just comes off very greedy.

I really like the anime but it feels weird seeing this in game, mobs are weird as well beating up kids of all things. The graphics is really good though and is surprisingly light. The only good part is the games original story of paulo's past story but other than that it's pretty meh.

Love the characters, fully voiced story, smooth graphics, the gameplay has great replayability, great idol songs with incredible fluid animations. Gacha not so great split gacha for support cards and characters but main story and events grants free SSR support cards that can be raised to max as long as you can grind it. Training and races are very luck based which is a great equalizer between whales and f2p players so it is not that p2w. The lore is more towards the real racehorses the characters are based of which is a joy to look into, the devs who made this game is a true fan of derby horse racing, I can really feel their love and passion for it. Overall this is the best gacha game I have ever played.

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