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It's a tcg with mana movement system, force and flash timing but that's not why I play this game. This game is using a learning AI called "Codeman" in the game that can give you advice during battle, consult you on how your deck can improve and learns from your playstyle when fighting other players.
This is really revolutionary, your AI buddy have an AI level and synchro level but I don't know how that works. They also gain knowledge mastery of any cards you use so the more times you use a card, the more the AI can use it effectively and determines their personality like an aggressive player or defensive player.
The game is still very new and I look forward to how this will evolve. It is an AI raising game for tcg.

I thought this looked familiar, I actually played this a long time ago in a browser. It was a lot of fun, a hardcore jrpg but i didn't continue bcuz of the grind. Can't seem to login to this version so I just logged in to the browser version and I found a heap of goodies with 200+ summon tickets so I guess I'm coming back to this since it survived for so long.
*update: They got double speed in this version[開心] oh my! I can progress so much faster!

Astral Chronicles


I was looking for a new hero collector game and I got baited by the pretty artwork again. I understand japanese and hearing them repeat the same line over and over again when using skills was extremely cringey, the entire time I was like "shut up already". Seriously there was no variations so it was torture. I couldn't get to the rest of the game cuz it's just that bad and the story was very bland, I just couldn't care even when trying to give them a chance to be interesting they failed. Played so many hero collector games, playing this one is like a downgrade. I do not recommend.

it's a great game but you need vpn which is bad cuz you'll disconnect a lot but the global version is out so play that version instead of this.

Tetris® Royale


It's a good game but not on mobile, controls are just too wonky to make precise movement. I also find the tutorial video very annoying since it autoplays on start screen repeatedly so everyone be careful with your data caps cuz it keeps draining your internet data.



It's a real time strategy card game that is similar to clash royale where mana increases over time and you play units that battle for you and you play action cards to support them. Play enough cards and you can use your hero action with a cool cut-in animation.Although there is NO chest boxes which is a good thing cuz it also take its cues from hearthstone.Buying card packs, breaking cards and creating new cards with it's resources. You can make 4 different color decks, Red, Green, Purple and Black, each with unique gameplay style.
The battle has a time limit of 5mins but they have an Active Response mechanic where both players play action cards to counter action cards which freezes time and ends up longer than 5mins, it almost always ends in a slug fight where no one can finish the other waiting for a timeout.
There are familiar capcom IPs so capcom fans would love this.



It's a great territory game like splatoon where you run around and conquer the area. I like how teamwork beats any single OP player bcz kills doesn't win you the game, if you coordinate with your teammates you can connect the area covering the inside of a large circle for a huge gain, in other words you can play a match without even battling the opponent but they can still cut off your link by crossing your already treaded path which is funny. The match only lasts 3mins which is a great burst of fun for a mobile on the go.
Characters are easy to get, you can test them all in the training room and then choose who you want to scout.
Weapons have one active skill and one passive skill but only your main weapon can use the active skill but you can equip sub weapons to add more passive skill so you can customize your gameplay.
All in all it's a great game and I hope more people can play this if they overcome the connection issue for other people.

A PVP game played on a board with 6 different chess pieces(Jobs) with their own movement and attack patterns together with card spell mechanics based on the leader. The heroes and spells you can get are in fragments easily obtained through gacha, treasure boxes and even quest, you can enhance your cards in this game making them stronger so the balance can be kinda unfair but I also found out the rarity doesn't mean the strongest at all since it depends on your deck build. Bronze have passive stat boost, Silver have auto skill and Gold and Legendaries have active skills. I find Bronze heroes to be more OP bcuz you can easily lvl them up and they simply have ridiculous stats than any other rarity.

Memories of link (JP)


The graphics is smooth and high quality, music library is pretty good I liked some of them, personally the voice acting feels really odd to me for some reason. I couldn't really find myself playing too much of this game unfortunately probably cuz I'm not that interested in the characters themselves, they are like pretty dolls with a weak personality. There are many other music games like this which are just way better.

I like the graphics and animations is really smooth, characters have interesting design, it's a very visual novel style where you can see multiple different endings but sadly this is not my kind of game since it gets pretty boring with the combat, it is too simple for my taste, it is very similar to Honkai Impact which I never liked so if you like that game then you'll definitely like this game.



This game is just awesome, you can really create and build your own unique character, hunt for gears as a treasure hunter no gacha, a variety of skill trees which you mix and match battle styles like a magic swordsman, lots of combinations of skills using a variety of gestures like tap,swipe,hold or drawing a circle. A lot of things are locked at the beginning and gradually unlocks so many things as you progress the story, the characters are really funny I really enjoyed the story a lot.
Also there is Multiplay.

This is basically a simulation of how to produce an idol somewhere close to that, even communication with the idol is important like keeping their confidence up or keeping your promise with them when they make request. The game gets really complicated especially for people who can't read japanese. The graphics is amazing the way they use the live 2D system I really like it. It's not a rythm game guys it's an idol simulation game.

Black Desert Mobile (JP)


I'm at loss of words, best mobile game ever![開心]

Epic Seven


Gourgeous animations...that's about it, I've definitely enjoyed this game, made it to chapter 10 simply focusing on 4 heroes only to realize they were trash when reaching further pve content, I can live with this type of game being p2w in pvp but pve content being too strong that you must have crucial heroes is incredibly bad. F2p players you can enjoy this but it won't last, look elsewhere.

Re:Volvers 8


it's basically clash royale but with better anime style graphics, it does have a unique mechanic which are the skills, skill timing in this game is so crucial making the game that much deep in strategy, if you're not good at strategy games this is going to be a real challenge as when before ranking up onto pvp league you'd have to fight someone on a higher tier to rank up, I highly recommend the main quest since they teach you effective strategy with the heroes you actually have on hand. I manage up to league 4 thx to the quest. Momotaro SP skill is still super strong[開心] at league 4.

Hundred Soul


the action and graphics, I've played blade & soul a long time ago and there's just so much similarities between them. This game is like blade&soul turned into a full action dungeon mobile to me, even the name is similar, hundred soul. Anyways the combat is super fluid with combos so for you action hungry gamers I recommend you try this game.

P.S. after the first tutorial stage after defeating the scorpion boss the screen goes black for several minutes, then i got agitated and tap tap tap on the black screen and press the back button on my phone twice and suddenly a movie starts showing, for people who got stuck here try mimicking me, i don't know if this helps let me know if it did.

Alteil NEO


A card game with no drawing from the deck or rather you're playing cards directly from your deck and cards played at the same time as your opponent, I totally appreciate a game where you can get the exact card you need from your deck making this game very strategic over luck for a card game but of course the game still has luck involved and that is when both players cards have the same speed then its random who goes first and also normal attacking is random if you have multiple targets in range, that's why there are abilities that can target.
All in all it feels more like a boardgame, boardgame enthusiast should give this a shot if you can read japanese.

Gestalt Odin


to put it simply this game is like final fantasy grandmasters but not chibi if you like that game then this is for you. Create your own character with a voice, coordinate your own style of armor, choose from a vareity of jobs up to rank 3, transform into a ranger, use summoning mechanics to get the advantage, bring a buddy character AI. Use it all and butt heads or cooperate with fellow players in this mmorpg. Apparently there are crossover character 4star weapons which I wasn't aware but I went on to lvl30 with just a normal 4star weapon, you don't really need a crossover character unless thats the only reason you play this game.

Dragalia Lost


I'm in love with the soundtrack in this game, gacha is fairly generous when doing a 10 pull if you don't get a 5star, they increase the rate to pull it by 0.25% so you will eventually pull a 5star, the only downside to that is the type of 5star you get. either a character, dragon or wyrmprint then the rate resets. All in all the quality of this game is superb because its nintendo and cygames[色色]

how would you rate properly if you can't play the game, stuck in loading screen, they really screwed up big time

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Is global version even released yet? the game just won't let me play at all.[可憐] Read Note
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