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I am Logan. Guitarist and vocalist of symphonic death metal band 'Siriasis'
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I am Logan. Guitarist and vocalist of symphonic death metal band 'Siriasis'
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The Battle Cats | English


Ponos won't recover my account I lost when I switching my phone. I used like $3000~4000 on there, with all the limited cats from 1.4~.
Good game, bad customer service.

Solar Smash


Start playing because many gamers using this as meme material.
Pretty good

Good value for $3.
But not superb. I would like to see some better map details and better sound.

Stick Warfare


Good for killing some time. Time to time update is good, but I want some special event with some kind of monster or boss battle.

Clash Royale | Global


RTS game but actually fun. You gotta spend like $500~$1000 to have fair gameplay tho 😭

Clash of Clans | Global


CoC still in service with same battle system and same troops. You don't have to spend too much money unlike CR. I love it



Finally a mobile app that let me buy games while I'm away for work without PC



As PC player, I can't get used to mobile control. Avoid mobile terraria. Buy PC terraria.

The game, is everything you could ask for gacha game. This got good quality + good quantity stories. This got lot of characters. This got nice art, VA. This got many event (boring though). This game is straight 5 out of 5. Gacha... is fixed so you get the character you want at 200th pull. But before that when cap was 300th, we often spend $500 just to get one god damn character which become obsolete after few month (princess Peco, summer Suzuna, new year Shefi...)
So, unless you are willing to spend $1k~5k on games, you may not want to join top 100 clans. They REQUIRE you to get character you may not need or want. This is word from guy who learn that on hard way. Being a top player isn't cheap, and this game is HEAVY P2W. F2P player will have hard time getting into top 100 league. It's not impossible, but you will need a lot of luck and god tier tactics.

2023 update

I think it's time to leave this game.
I've been playing this game for far too long, I got everythng, I achieved everything, all I do is wait for update.

I played Purikone since launch of Japanese server. Then I moved to Korean server. I tried Chinese and Taiwan server, but server is crap. Plus, I don't speak enchantment table.
I tried global server, but it's not good as Japanese and Korean due to lack of word expression, translation quality, personality of character...

So long, Cygames.

Simple puzzle game. Cute, thats all reason to play.

If you ever played non-basic version, this game is almost same, just with different timeline and different event. Thats all.

Zombie Gunship Survival


Very good 'unique' shooting game. Thats all I can say. Too many event, too short game, and game become boring quite fast

Classic Touhou feeling in your phone. Soundtrack is absolute original, and the graphic is just like an old day.

True gamers communication tool

Far, the most 'real' rhythm game I played, well, except PC rhythm game. If you are more mobile gamer, this is a decent one to play with. As this is rhythm games, I tested with ROG 3 and ROG5s, which have 144hz. I don't see any difference btw 90hz and 144hz, so just keep up with phone like S21 or iPhone 13 pro, which have 120hz LTPO.

Succesful chat app in Korea



Good tamagochi type game with many mini games.
I know this is very old game, but maybe add some new games?
It's been like 10 years without major update

Love Nikki | English


Clean UI, huge collection, and lots of event. I think this is also a newbie friendly game. I didn't had any problems by far.

I'm not sure about the story, but it's concept of the games is new to me, and quite enjoyable. Difficulty is balanced, love it.

Geometry Dash


2.2 WHEN
2.2 WHEN
2.2 WHEN
2.2 WHEN
2.2 WHEN

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