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Gimme a real life luck! Also, forgive my english.
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Gimme a real life luck! Also, forgive my english.
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World Dai Star


My probably harsh review about World Dai Star (WDS).


+ Beautiful card, poster (equip), and character designs.
+ Full of great and likeable songs [開心]
+ Rating system based on accuracy and chart level.
± Lesbo characters.

- Very unoptimized. Lag, bug, and crash are like a normal feature in WDS. (Even, i encountered a hilarious bug like my library music is not disappeared while i played the chart)
- 3D everywhere, when 3D itself is not good enough imo.
- Very confusing. From team formations, skills, stamina consumption with big number, etc.
- Gameplay mechanics are basically just a copypaste from other gacha rhythm games and nothing new. For example, big notes mechanic from Proseka, slide and flick mechanic from Im@s Deresute, also straight flick mechanic from D4DJ's stretch cmiiw.
- Ugly chart design. It's all about slide and flick that are difficult to see and act like a combo breaker. Even some devices get lagging from lots of flick in screen.
- Obviously trying to be a hardest gacha rhythm game, because of olivier difficulty, a hidden difficulty where 3 or more fingers are needed to clear the chart. And, why they make it hidden, if that difficulty is playable in multiplayer mode, seriously!? [為什麼]
- Doesn't have much players in game, also multiplayer filled with 900+ rating gorillas (a JP term for pro rhythm player) or dedicated players.
- Multiplayer mode feels like solo mode with other peoples, no something like fever mode iirc. Even, other players' results can't be checked if they leave the room quickly.
- Profile stats are mostly hidden. So, no flex and stalk achievements.
- This is just my opinion, i got dead game vibe from WDS and it reminds me of Touhou Danmaku Kagura. Most likely it will have their EoS sooner or later. Tho, I don't care much with WDS, so i only have 864 rating there and quit asap. (*cough* no one asking [白眼])


TL;DR WDS is a rhythm game with beautiful arts and great songs. But, the quality of the game itself is meh.
Not recommended.

Guardian Tales | Global


TL;DR first, Guardian Tales (GT) is a mobile pixel action rpg with one of best stories, challenging puzzle, and fun gameplay. If you're into a rpg or story game, you should give it a try.

I try to write this review as spoiler-free as possible, let's start from the negative first.

- It's a pixel game, despite the pixel is modern and aesthetically pleasing, but still it's the most reason peoples skip to try to play GT.
- Early character arts and game preview are not convincing.
- Early story chapter feels very weak and random. Tho it will be masterpiece later on.
- Story dialog is auto and a bit faster to read.
- Puzzle is seriously challenging. If you're not good with these, you can just check on youtube or ask to community. Imo, it will be fun and feels good if you can clear it yourself without guide. (btw, i cleared all GT puzzle without guide until now [開心], ahem~ no one asking)
- Challenge in this game is challenging too, especially time challenge and rules battle. That's all about skill, so can be very stressful, frustating, and make players less motivate. Pssst, if you're not good enough, just don't be a perfectionist and skipping some challenge is also an option.
- Some contents are obviously designed for whale or tryhard type players (e.g. Kamazone, expedition, season achievements, etc).
- Like most korean games, have some competitive feature and powercreep character is a normal thing. If you're just into pve contents and story, it's not affects much anyway.
- Laggy, but the main reason is because of default setting, so it's easily fixed from adjusting in-game setting.
- FUNtasy.

+ FUNtasy.
+ Small game size.
+ The story is interesting, epic, and the main charm of this game. Also, it's mention lots of reference and humor.
+ Level cap limited by story world/chapter progression, so it's well balance.
+ Complex stage mechanisms from battle, puzzle, challenge, hidden/secret, etc.
+ Have a lot of QoL updates and keep updated.
+ F2P friendly, have a lot of freebies. Also, gem (GT currency) is easy to obtain, mostly come from weekly and guild contents. Tho most newbs or players who can't read don't know about this and complain, kek.
+ Easy to get character or weapon which you wants.
+ Stats increase from collection, progressing can be very fun and worth.
+ Various content, with various gameplay and uniqueness.
+ Can be played as very casual or competitive. Thanks to many number of contents. Imo GT suitable more like a side game than a main game.
+ Arts improved a lot. Also, japan version of GT is published by "Yostar", so global version have a button for switching character art to JP and viceversa. (fyi, JP art is kinda suggestive [白眼])
+ Thanks to JP version too, some character get JP voice character and old story chapter have voices right now.
+ Catchy music, especially from gacha menu and bingo event.
+ The dev always gives their best for the player.

TL;DR first, D4DJ is unexpectedly interesting, unique, and fun. If you're into a rhythm game, you should give it a try.


Ok, let's start the review from the negative first.

- This game is a bit underrated right now.
- Too much japanese on UI. If you're not good with japanese and want to better understanding the game, you can just use Google Lens or another translate app out there.
- This game always have their issues and problems. Tho, the developer is often quick to react and give a compensation.
- Some QoL settings are locked behind subscription. Especially, a retry song feature.
- The card powercreep is real, despite that's mostly affect only for spender or competitive players.
- Some items are very hard to get at the late game.
- Lacking of skill based titles, and the advance version of these title are come from paid pass.
- Above 50% of event type of this game is all about gambling and RNG.
- Yuri (or L) characters, tho personally i don't care.
- Auto mode on multiplayer. It's just a bias, but i'm against this. Auto mode should be more punishing imo.
- Maybe this is a pro, obviously from my 2 previous points, this game is designed more for casual player.
- Meta song spammer everywhere (is it Bang Dream?), another meh for multiplayer. Combine this with auto mode, instantly make a multiplayer become less/no fun to play.
- Ahem, busty characters and have a lot of fan service. Even, cute (also rori *cough*) characters have those traits. Not really a con if you're prefer these [鬼臉]

+ The dev is generous, so it's easier to get ssr or character which you want.
+ A lot of QoL settings (from resolution, gameplay screen adjustments, hitsounds, notes auto, etc.). And kek, some ppl complain and leave a bad review because not knowing about these setting.
+ Have a tutorial song (like osu!).
+ Have a lot of playable groups. Tho, most peoples are prefers Rondo, because of their amazing songs and similarity like Roselia from Bang Dream.
+ Club customization, so you can adjusting which themes are suited for your eyes or preferences.
+ Unique gameplay, complex mechanics and patterns. So, it's more fun to learn, adapt, and play.
+ For gacha rhythm game, this game is truly a hidden gem, it have easter egg (or hidden) songs. And, some chart have an interesting gimmick (i don't want to spoil which ones, for enjoyment purpose).
+ Unique feature and event. Medley is the most fun imo.
+ The game have "good" hits/notes for not breaking the combo.
+ Expert (highest difficulty) charts are evil and seriously challenging. Even, average difficulty of expert charts (difficulty 13) are hard to full combo. And also, some hard difficulty charts are legit hard too.
+ Have many number of playable songs. The total is 500 songs right now when i'm editing this review.
+ Despite a lot of songs, the game size is relatively small.
+ Song and collab choices are not mainstream and unexpected. More knowledge is always welcome.
+ Have some beautiful 3d waifu, i mean seiyuu (check d4dj live on youtube for extra simp) [色色]

TL;DR first, Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) is a hack and slash game with lots of enjoyable and challenging content. If you're into an action rpg or a difficult game, you should give it a try.

+ For mobile game, it's easily the best action rpg, or hack and slash game right now.
+ Kuro's (developer) standard keep going higher and higher between each update.
+ Keep getting QoL updates.
+ Modern graphics and good arts.
+ No complain from sound, Kuro is a music company in disguise. Have a lot of amazing BGM, beware of eargasm.
+ Decent story and a bit interesting to read.
+ Very nice, fast-paced, fun, and difficult gameplay. Also, PGR gameplay is using ping system which is unique.
+ Design, moveset, and story from characters and enemies are also unique, awesome, and interesting.
+ Ignoring in-game terms, majority of PGR characters are all about machine, robot, frame, or whatever you call it. Worth to noted because some peoples are into this or maybe just looking for something different.
+ Have male playable characters. Also, some character frame are very fun to use because of their complexity. E.g. Roland, Wanshi, Changyu, etc.
+ Slow powercreep, but some character frames are broken.
+ Start from story chapter 12, boss battles are very fun (and pain). Also, i don't want to spoiler, it will have an experience like a PS4 game later [開心]
+ Have lots of content and feature, tho that's mostly one time rewards or just a bunch of useless (ofc include coop and collectible).
+ Not much using reuse asset.
+ Grinding and farming are easy, despite there are several time-gated issues.
+ Can be played as a very casual or competitive.
+ Rush update, more enjoyment to play, but less resources. Tho it's not affects much, and cmiiw they compensate with often release mini events or give freebies just from doing login.
+ A bit F2P friendly. All of one time contents can be clearable as a F2P. Tho it's impossible to get everything in game too, better to know your priorities first.
+ Skins are nice. Even, some free skins have a different effect and animation like the paid one.
+ Kuro do proper collab and not far from their game theme for right now. It already have a collab with Nier and soon CN version with Black Rock Shooter. BTW, Nier collab characters are success and well designed.

- PGR is a modern game, it's more suitable on PC. Also, it will have a PC version later (maybe on 2023).
- Heavy game for mobile, so need proper device to play. Tho my old phone can still run PGR.
(Ahem~ who asking [白眼])
- Monotone and repetitive, classic problems of heavy game. Also, the game and update size are very big.
- Easily to get bored, but looking for active guild or community can eased it.
- Ping system have a drawback, so the gameplay have a RNG aspect.
- Difficult gameplay, so it's challenging and frustrating for player to get the hang of it.
- Thanks to the difficulty, some peoples and newbies are ragequit and leave a bad taste for the game. Please gitgud or at least reach far in story chapter first, duh [發困]
- Being a P2P or whaler, it means reducing the difficulty and challenging aspects of the game, so be aware of it if you're looking for hard gameplay or maybe just play with handicap.
- Competitive is basically a whale fest and the game itself have many benefits for whaler. Hmm, kinda normal and understandable.
- More like a solo player game, multiplayer in this game is not much useful.
- Coop content is not rewarding much on higher difficulty. Picking an easier coop boss with lowest difficulty is the best choice imo.
- Can be very grindy. *cough* Story chapter 13, Norman content, Selena's summer event, Recitavivo, etc.
- Recent minigames and outside of normal gameplay events are too difficult and not fun. Combine with my previous statement, I guess they're not sincere to give rewards anymore.
- Enemies are very dummy sometimes, especially on War Zone (one of competitive content on PGR).
- Back to the story, they using a lot of difficult words, long sentences, and lacking of efforts for storytelling. So, it feels more like reading a novel. Good for insomnia peoples i guess [睡覺]


Extra, if you're looking a mobile game which have similar gameplay and difficulty like PGR, tho it's not much, i'm recommend to try :
• Honkai Impact 3 (HI3), an obvious choice and older than PGR. The game have better storytelling, graphic, also waifu characters, despite the remaining aspects feels weak compared to PGR.
• Guardian Tales, despite the game is a pixel game, it have a similar manual gameplay, pack of challenge, and can be very difficult.

A real review of Project Sekai [厲害]

Pros :
+ One of the best JP rhythm game right now. So, it have a lot of active players in game.
+ Full of vocaloid songs.
+ Have 6 vocaloid characters and male characters.
+ Have a lot of great 2D and 3D music videos (MVs).
+ Simple controls.
+ Several QoL features, imo the most important is changing the amount of live bonus (stamina) consumption per run or song, it can be set to 2 or 3 for optimal rewards or 5~10 for faster run.
+ Have different size of notes (especially big notes) as an unique mechanic, so higher difficulty charts are more challenging for player.
+ Fun (or pain) notes based by song lyrics.
+ Recent songs have some new gimmicks.
+ New mechanic (trace) is also unique and nice addition for extra challenge and visual, despite i'm very skeptic at first because it looks like a copy from other gacha rhythm games, but turnly it's an improvement.
+ Side flicks on Proseka can be ignored and it does not affect to combos, despite accuracy will be ruined.
+ Beautiful card artstyle which difficult to describe.
+ Less fanservice, eh wait... [大哭]
+ Very care for story NPCs (like it have an unique art), tho i'm not a story reader.
+ Original project sekai characters are likeable and have good vocals or covers.
+ Popular voice actor or seiyuu, mostly come from rhythm, music, or idol series.
+ Keep releasing new charts and commissioned songs, so that's including introducing some vocaloid song producers and no more hibernation for the popular one.
+ All of 5 groups have a lot of great songs, especially Vivid Bad Squad and 25ji.
+ Feature to change song vocals. Including another vocal version, so some song have a bit change of lyrics and feeling/atmosphere.
+ Have some feature which can't be found in other gacha rhythm games. Even, some features are basically for players who likes to simp or oshi [怪笑]

Cons :
- Minimum requirements are high.
- The game size is too big, especially if download with some MVs or virtual live datas. There are autodelete features, but still nope for virtual live data cmiiw.
- 3D MV lag on some devices.
- New UI is very modern and refreshing, but it have several new problems.
- Lack of game settings and maybe lack of something common which can be found on other rhythm games.
- Hard to get limited ssr card you wants, except being a lucksack or whale.
- More grinding and farming if the game get a comparison with other gacha rhythm games out there (these are optional tho).
- Device dependency, than any other mobile rhythm games out there. Because it's somewhat harder to execute notes timing/accuracy especially on high difficulty charts (start from 28+) without proper device.
- Design of most master (highest difficulty) charts are annoying imo, thanks to their bad habit (from overcharting, difficulty spike, thin slides, difficult patterns, etc.). Not good for replayability after getting full combo (FC) or all perfect. Tho playing lower than master diff is still fine.
- Approx ⅓ of the total master charts are difficulty 30+, it means they releasing too much of difficult charts (fyi 30 is the level which is the start of huge difficulty jump/gap in game and it's very challenging to FC, even for dedicated proseka players too imo).
- Multifinger charts added into the game, so kek, rip dev statement about "all songs are made to be full comboable with 2 fingers".
± Append difficulty came, a new special difficulty where 4 or more fingers are needed to clear the chart. At least, they make it useless for now, so it can be nice for training or simply ignore it.
- Recent charts are getting harder and harder.
- Most charts difficulty rating are not suitable. Another difficulty rerating when? [不滿]
- Quick summary, Proseka charts are designed more for satisfying pro rhythm players.
- Matchmaking in multiplayer mode is sometimes full of bugs.
- Playing master or append difficulty on multiplayer is less scoring and rewarding, especially if the player or device is suck with accuracy and combos. Even, the majority of Proseka players are picking to play hard or expert difficulty instead.

BTW I love proseka, that's why i put a lot of cons, hope they do better with the game in the future~


Project Sekai is very aesthetically pleasing, fun, and challenging rhythm game. Also, it have a lot of vocaloid baits, make it very worth to play [哇噻]

GrandChase | Global


Final version : October 2022

Grand Chase (GC) is looks fun and unique at first, but i'm not gonna to recommend it because :

+ The graphic is one of the main charm of GC. Female characters are waifuable [鬼臉]
ahem, let's get serious...

- The developer (KOG) is extremely lazy. They don't care much with bug, typo, non-competitive cheater, also old game features and system improvement.
- Poor game optimization and drain lots of phone battery.
- Terrible story and full of poor writing. E.g. encounter random characters which suddenly come into fight, and some of them become as a playable character and feels forced to story.
- Reuse asset, especially character arts and musics (musics are mostly from original GC PC game).
- SR (technically SSR) playable character is just bunch of randoms with a little background story. Tho original GCPC characters are more likeable imo.
- Non SR characters are useless, even if some are usable, it will be useless later, because KOG keep trying to make all SR character useful.
- New character or a character which obtain a latest update is overpowered.
- Powercreep meta, either for PvE or PvP.
- Braindead gameplay, also character do auto attack whenever near the enemy. So, just bring meta teams or copying other players lineup, and press auto skill to win.
- Very grindy, have a lot of contents, but lacking of skip or sweep feature. Even, event on GC is a slavery too.
- Weekly content (Hell's Furnace) is stupid and time-consuming, also have a lot of rewards than monthly content (Berkas who?).
- KOG is trying much to give proper hard content or event, but imo it's always failed and forgot if it's not suited for the gameplay, even some hard contents are not suited for players with bad eyesight or older eyes (maybe the game don't have a real tester).
- Also, trying to give a big update, but make GC less unique and extra absurd, like suddenly released attribute system for GC and make it allowed to bring a same character (with a different class, known as T character, yep weird naming) into one party.
- Boring and predictable in-game update. For now, it's all about T character.
- GC is just a cash grab. Paid skins, package, and items everywhere (*cough* latest T character update). Also, there are daily (15x) ads on this game.
- Only KR voices for T characters.
- BP different with spender is keep going bigger and bigger for each main update.
- Dead game, not much active players. Even, it's easy to enter top 1000 on every ranking board.
- etc.

Tl;dr GC is a cash grab, no fun, grindy game, and the dev don't care much with their players.


Extra, if you're looking for time-consuming or grindy RPG, i suggest to play a similar game which still have a lot of active players or more fun.
For example : Granblue Fantasy, FGO, Arknights, Another Eden, etc.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Updare review 4.2

+ Mihoyo keep improving this game
+ Great graphic and gameplay
+ Good controls
+ Collection and achievements is good
+ Easy to collect valkyrie fragments
+ Gacha supply have guarantee if 50 or 100 draw
+ Waifu
+ Dawei

- Exalted abyss is pure dumb, less crystal rewards, especially for sinful tier and below, if comparing this abyss with old abyss. Also, competitive is more harder now, thanks to satan inside mihoyo
- New abyss is too much wasting of time, can't skip floor anymore
- Not friendly for F2P and casual players anymore
- Sometimes lag when playing a video in game
- Multiplayer crash if HoV do her ultimate
- Gacha everywhere
- No male playable charas
- A bit repetitive
- Some valks are OP and broken
- Some feature is too hard
- Need better friends list UI
- Lacks of free crystal, instant 2800 crystal when?

Rate 1/5, because last patch make casual ppls get less crystal rewards.

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