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I have been waiting 2+ years for this game to come out and I gotta say, I am having a freaking BLAST. I am taking it cool though and just doing my own thing. Only did 2 ten rolls but got a lot of stuff. Included 4 dupes of a Mega Deth Party card.

Dupe systems are always fun for me! It gives you an "overall hope" in the game. At least for me.

I say give it a try and just like, have fun. :D

Arknights | English


After many people suggesting me to play it, I gave in...It went exactly like I thought it would. Pretty lack luster in my opinion. The story just throws you in and assaults you with words that you know are important, but don't really mean anything yet. Kinda really doing the opposite to me.

If you like overcomplicated tower defense though you are sure to love it. Just it didn't live up to the hype in my opinion. The art and graphics are nice, but wasn't my cup of tea.

:D Give it a try though! You never know until you try.

PoTII: RB | Japanese


It's a really cute game with great songs. I am not a fan so much of the TeniPuri anime, but I do love the songs and characters so is game is a perfect combo! Sure it doesn't have tennis gameplay but I like this a lot better to be honest. The events are diverse and I love the customizable MySpace and the chibis. I also love how the staff are receptive to the players. The beats maps are also SUPERB. They are fun yet challenging and go really good to the rhythm. Good job Bushiroad and Akatsuki!!!!!! [微笑][開心][色色]

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Hellos! Does anyone know a good casual hero collector game? Can be gacha or resources type. ^~^ I would like good story and characters. Preferably both males and females! I have played #GBF and also #AzurLane. Currently playing Girls Frontline but I would like a side one if possible! Thank you! [開心] Read Note
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