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Yo! Play and love puyo puyo Witch is best bae need help with it I try and help play other games also but mostly puyo
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Yo! Play and love puyo puyo Witch is best bae need help with it I try and help play other games also but mostly puyo
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Super diverse casting in this game. You can tell the dev put extra effort getting native voice actor of different languages which made you feel immersed in the story.



won about 7 or 8 items on this app mostly small keychains or pouches one one touhou keychain and a Re:zero keychain shipping is free once a week or two but does take a long long time you do get one try per day except 9th and 19th of every month which is 3 tries that day but it is super hard most if not all claws are super week and bearly move the item so if you f2p which most of us will look for prizes on the edge that how i won 3 items I did spend 10 bucks long ago and that bearly did anything all in all it legit but is super hard to win and if you do win you have to wait about 3 weeks to a month to get your prize update: i won a prize on March 30 it shipped April 7th and i got it today April 11th figured out they are now using free express shipping so the shipping is faster then before now

edit: they raised the prices for points ya....
not even worth buying anymore was like 2 or 3 tries for 4.50 now it 6....nope but hey still free tries tho but still i would suggest free play and go

Wonderful golf game to play. Have to use gacha to get clothes with give stats and skills to use in game. However, As of end of March game is now close down.

wonderful commucation app

sucks that there region lock stickers but other then that it wonderful to use!

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Bye Raccoon Dog My favorite animal and my waifu gone because google wants to region lock apps. I will miss her voice and her smile. VPN cost money and sometime will fail so not worth the effort. I will miss her dearly and hope that she somehow some way gets added to Kingdom so I can play and love her again. At least I level her up to level 150 and maximize everything so she strong and will take care of herself. Bye my raccoon dog you will and are dearly missed. (also to lesser extent The Witch also) Read Note
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