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If you're looking for a spot and find kinda game that has multiple different illustrations. I highly recommend this game. I love the relaxing music that goes with each puzzles :) I would say this is a very comfy game overal![開心]

The Ssum: Forbidden Lab


One of my longest review here I go :')

I started playing The Ssum back in 2018, it started as a Demo ver and it was really nice except the fact Teo back then looked like someone in their 30s which is a Tad weird .[汗顏]His story back then was also in a Hospital bla bla and then the Demo had a few problems running back in the years and didn't exist ...Until now !

Such a huge upgrade to the whole game ,the interface of the whole game is beautiful ,I really love the space concept used in this whole Forbidden Lab .The VA has such a sweet yet funny tone to their voice which is very enjoyable !
I really like the interaction between Teo and us .Not to mention how the chats with him are hilarious to reply sometimes 😂
I had problems at the beginning but successfully made it to Day 4 safely haha ..._(:3 」∠ )_
The whole time management is very easy and the calls are very unmissable in my pov .Setting your time is very important and you have to get ready for his calls right after every chats you had with him ,pretty simple but the battery saving part is a bit hard to collect slowly and trying not to overuse in conversations and calls .[鬼臉]

Anyways ,that's all I can say ,so far I haven't reached any errors or bugs in the game .Hopefully this game will continue working as usual for all the other players ![開心]

Alright ,so I have started playing EnStars since 2016 and back then there wasn't even any rhythm game functions so it was just raising levels ,gachas etc etc .But I was super happy seeing how this game grew and after playing it for a reasonable amount of hours(lmao )It's actually really great !Can't wait to see future updates for the game [開心]

Purrfect Tale


Its a good game ,but whenever I would watch some ads to double my stuff .The game crashes and I'd end up Re-opening the game all over again .Maybe it's just my phone but overall it's a very cute game and I love the story and interaction to it .

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-


I also expected a rhythm game but yeah!It's really cute and I really like how easy it is to advance each level and collecting cute outfits for miku and getting a whole army of figurines [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

Sei is just adorable everyway !I used to have this app on my phone and now I'm downloading it again !Can't wait to have him around again ![開心][開心][開心]

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So I finished reading the 10th chapter and is the other chapters gonna be updated or do I have to do something to get the chapters open up ? Read Note
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