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It's Discord ( ^ω^)

I downloaded and installed it, I started playing for a few minutes, I opened the door and then closed the game and forcibly turned off my cell phone, that was weird, I don't know what happened, I don't know if someone did the same thing to him, but it doesn't matter, I know the game is good. I just don't understand why this happened to me ( ・ิω・ิ)

Spin Arena


A very good and addictive game in addition to being difficult and challenging, it is also easy to play. If you like Bayblade you will love this game with Waifus and lolis. The only bad thing I see is that there are automatic attacks of powers but it does not take away the good and the powerful configuration system and many rewards. I recommend that you download it and play it later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you like Waifu, it has an alarm to call you and give you encouragement in Japanese, you can change her clothes and send her a text, she responds anyway when you send her text in English, the AI ​​is good haha ( ^ω^)

The vpn is not working and I hope they launch the global game later because it looks good (^_^)

At last it came out, I have not played it because it still does not open the servers in my country and I see that people are playing with VPN, which I do not recommend because they can be banned, very good game, I'm going to vitiate like never before ( ^ω^)

Genshin Impact


Well I am surprised that I run although I am laggy in cinematics in the world sometimes it gives me jerks but at least in the dungeons I am doing well at least I can play it decently but I would like them to give it an update to optimize (。>﹏<)

Luna Mobile | Korean


The game is pretty good, remember Luna on PC where you had to kill like 50 enemies and they were tough, I don't remember much more than it was years ago. The only bad thing about the game are the servers when you go to play pvp if you have a bad connection they kill you immediately, it is worth it, it is entertaining and it reminds you of childhood of what you did in Luna on PC ( ^ω^)

The game is very rare, from tower to aircraft instructions and handling the game with your fingers is uncomfortable, small menus and letters are also good but not so much (>﹏<)

Critical Ops: Reloaded


What good times when you play this game on Facebook gaming, they killed me every once in a while and there was not much more to do than to collect the skins and they gave more damage according to some now the game is more friendly and is still difficult according to the person, has battle passes and they give you rewards and they improved it a lot, the only thing I do not like is that you can not aim except sniper rifles but it is not important, if you lag it is by the host if you do not you like it or you do it wrong you can get out very easy and the gamepad editor is simple, fast and fun gameplay ( ^ω^)



A classic game from my childhood that is quite good, the only bad thing is that you cannot continue with the access codes of the levels, now you only have to pay with gems and all that. Somewhat disappointed but enjoyable. What I recommend the most is to play on emulators to play the game. (。>﹏<)

Very good game to practice while lol mobile comes out, you have lolis and waifus so it's worth it ( ^ω^)

Raziel | Korean


It's like playing Diablo only you don't understand anything and it's fine to hang out (。>﹏<)

Aura Kingdom 2 | Global


It is a game in which you can give maximum in the graphics but it is very boring in addition to the automatic mode and how generic are the mmorpg (。>﹏<)

Little content, many ads and bad (。>﹏<)



Don't download it and don't play it it's not worth it (>﹏<)

Blue Oath | Japanese


The game has lolis and Waifus I do not know what else they want besides that it is very entertaining to play, the bad thing that it is in Japanese but at least there are tutorials if you follow it well to understand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Complicated to use, difficult and entertaining but limited over time, you get bored if you do not like these types of games, the LOR is better and if you do not like it, it is preferable to wait for the LOL Mobile that you have a tremendous desire to play (。>﹏<)

Garena Free Fire


Much better in rewards than pubg and the gameplay is more or less half bad, something is something ( ^ω^)

Legends of Runeterra


Very good, difficult and entertaining if you like card games, too bad they didn't give me my blue poro skin ( ^ω^)

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