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just a casual otome/gacha game enjoyer
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just a casual otome/gacha game enjoyer
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i love this game! it's so much fun, the music is great and the characters are very lovable [色色]
the cards are also very pretty, can't wait to collect more!
love the artstyle

gudetama tap!


i love gudetama and i love this game as well! it is kinda repetitive but its still fun to play the events and collect a ton of cute gudetamas! [色色]

Jentle Garden


this game is super cute and fun! I'm having blast playing this, the pixel graphics are so adorable and the plants are pretty as well!

love the story and mechanics, also the graphics and the songs!

Sometimes a bit too grindy but a rly fun and cute game overall!



i absolutely love this game! the story is exciting, the gameplay is fun and the boys are lovely!

Well I can't speak Chinese but the game has a similar UI, so even non-chinese people can play it. It has beautiful clothes and music, and besides the dress-up aspect are other functions too, like social media stuff and also talking to Nikki.

I still hope they make an English server, because I'm interested in the stor, but well, we will see what the future holds 😊❤️

SuperStar PLEDIS | Global


Really fun game to play! [色色]

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Does anybody know if theres gonna be an English version? Read Note
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