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Phương Nam Nguyễn 25085915

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Arcana Tactics


A combination of auto chess mechanic ( combine same tier units, wave stages, buying from shop) and auto rpg( elements counter) and some unique items combo.
Unit tier from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the stars, the more and stronger skills they have. From 3 stars and above units need to be unlocked by summon shop ( Somes can be earned from story). Level up units with shard to open passive slots.
Arcana: a set of 5 cards with multiple effects (buff stats, drop chances of each units, reset shop,...). Tier based from Tarot cards. Can use duplicates to unlock passive slot. Different summon shop beside units.
Game both have PvE and PvP contents. PvP is set to be real time.
Overall, it's a fun game to try at free time.
>>>> This is still a cbt version



Very noice

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