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heres my "why you should pick rafayel" summary for anyone who needs

who is rafey? rafayel
what is rafey? a fish
how is rafey? a prick
why is rafey? a dick
but most importantly

why this mf keep stealing my cat cups like i dont have eyes or smt but he still steals it man wtf bro

he is gentle
he is good

bro loses to a claw machine then comes back like a chad with 5 plushies like mood

so beautiful
so manly
and so mamundo

he complains 24/7 about you not being there and then goes on a rant before you can even answer like chill bro

and finally,
his hair? WACK
his shirt? WACK
his fishy attitude? WACK
and me? IM HORNY AF

[開心] best turn based game from michos

Great game.

Sanrio Boys


i'm having trouble with the login. Everytime i tap to start, it kicks me out. Does this game got shut down yet? Or do i have to do something like register?

Best otome game i've played so far. Although, the stories are a bit.. "fresh" for me [汗顏][汗顏] The gameplay is pretty normal, what i liked is they added a bit difficulty in the stages. But i loved the events, it's pretty simple to get prizes and there's side stories that you can purchase with event's items! [色色][色色] The boys are so handsome and cute! Most of them are all adults, but i liked Hosho and Kawai so bad! [開心][開心][開心]

Waited for the english version for so long now i can[難過] play it ♥ Thank you so much for translating this [開心][開心] I just love the characters and stories! And i adore Aoi and the twins !♥ Hoping you'll update more stories and events soon!



I love it so much! [開心][開心] The graphics are beautiful, most of the characters are adorable! The music is calming and great stories, although it takes very long to achive the heart of a character ^^;;) You'll need to spend a lot of time on this if you're willing to play and getting those cuties `•Δ•)b

Beautiful graphics and such pretty boys. All of them are beautiful and precious. Songs and story lines are great as well. And it's time to say bye bye to my phone's MBs and spaces.

StellaVis | Korean


Great graphics, good music, intersting story lines and nice voices. :') Hope the english ver will be release soon after the japanese ver!

The game is very similar to nikilove ( a chinese fashion game) As i highly expected, the music is relaxing, the graphics and art is so beautiful, the gameplay is very easy, even the eng/jap voices are fitting (although kiro's jap voice sounds more mature than his personality) and last but not least the main/side stories are intersting! Although you might get bored easily cause the stamina takes at least 5 mins to recover only 1. If you're a busy person and needs romance probs you should give this game a shot :)

(///ㅅ///)♡ i love it so much omg, Wataru and Midori legit stole my heart :))

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