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Immune to salt
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Immune to salt
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Pros :
- Storyline didn't change from original game
- Seemingly Improved graphical aspect
- No overpriced market items
- Character Roster
- Gameplay compared to OG game
- Can be considered free to play as it's an idle game
- No energy system
Cons :
- Gameplay compared OG game
- Rate up of characters in gacha

I can't seem to find many cons, means it's a decent made game. As a player of the OG game, I found the gameplay as a huge stepback. The reason I wrote the gameplay as pros as well as cons, is based on the player. If you like idle games (with extra mechanics like skill timing/team building/pvp) this is for you. If you love the original, you'd probably be turned off because of the gameplay change. But since I considered the story as top notch, I'd play this a bit longer.

P.S i missed kachigo, and I got her, now I'mma be stuck in this game for long cuz of her

Yes, the infamously known gacha hell. Rate up is truly a lie. FGO offers an excellent PvE content with interesting Chain Turn Based mechanic. Although power creeps servants does exists, progressing the game with low rarity units is a very okay thing to do (But of course you can't resist GACHA temptation). Story wise, TypeMoon did a great job upon the story writing. This game is definitely for you if you like Classic JRPG and PvE based games.

P.S go all out for your husbandos and waifus

Arknights | English


A solid tower defense game. As you go up, it forces you to think hard to win the level. As powerful as gacha units can be, low rarity units will also play a huge from early to endgame, which means this game isn't all about powercreep. Grind is a pain since the energy bar (sanity) refills slow. Do not worry about gacha since the game will reward you with 5200-5700+ free gacha currency/week, with 10x gacha costs 6k GC + Guaranteed 5* operators + Pity system. Like c'mon, very generous devs with amazing game content and updates. The base good base costumization will help you relax and sometimes interact a bit with your operators, and you can craft important power up materials via base. For me this game is an excellent PvE based game.

Epic Seven


Time to edit review, haven't really changed from a year and a half ago when I first started playing. I've been f2p and is able to compete to champion rank arena with basic and non moonlight 5*. Smilegate has been super generous to players for giving out moonlight connection which grants players the ability to pick a selection of moonlight 5*, with arbiter vildred and specter tenebria as one of the casts. If you're looking for a free to play gacha game, here's one. Take my words or leave it, your choice

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