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Just playing games that catches my eye
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Just playing games that catches my eye
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This game is alright. It's not the best idle game, and neither is it the best room designing game, but it's entertaining on both aspects

The currency to buy and unlock rooms and items relies on the idle gameplay. You serve guests in your rooms and restaurant. In this part of the game, you can't move the furniture. The game also accumulates money while you're offline. Like other idle games, Resortopia has a lot of ad options for you to earn extra money.

The designing part is unlocked around 10 minutes after you started playing. You can move objects around, but you have to unlock the items with currency before you're able to use them. Fortunately, money isn't that hard to earn. A little bit later, after you've unlocked the magazines, you should be able to see other people's designs and give them likes.

Sometimes, it can seem like there's too much going on. So much currency and items to deal with, commissions, expeditions, and such. It's what's keeping me from giving the gameplay portion a higher rating. With a lot going on, it can seem daunting to look at. The screenshots just makes the game look clean and simple but it's not the same playing it.

Graphics are great. Some characters are cute, except of the main character [不滿] You judge

10/10 would cry and grind again

Game has no shortage in stamina and opening celebration rewards. The gameplay is not for everyone, but I personally love it



Thats right. You read it right. Louis Vuitton has a game. Yes, the famous brand.

Unfortunately, the game isn't optimized well. There are some frame rate issues and it seems it crashes often for others. Maybe for gaming phones, it'd run better

The controls are bad. I think the camera being on the lower right and the jump on the upper right is kind of awkward. It's the opposite placement compared to most games. That's not my biggest problem though. The controls are just bad. Camera movement is hard to use.

The goal of the game is to collect the candles. You'll unlock more in the future. You also get to learn a few things.

Bravo to the graphics though. I find it absolutely lovely. It's a shame the gameplay doesn't live up to it. Hopefully they fix the game and optimize it. I'd then be willing to increase my ratings once the controls are better and doesn't lag a lot.

My Friend Pedro


The game is somewhat of an action puzzle game. You use angles to make the character jump (like in angry birds), then tap so he'd shoot where you tap.

The goal of the game is to get through the stage without dying. You have to kill the enemies before they kill you, while also going through obstacles. I think it's an interesting concept and a decent way to make it as close as possible to the non-mobile version.

I think the graphics could be better, but it doesn't bother me much. Definitely a good game to pass time for me.

The biggest down side is: if you stay as f2p without buying the premium version, you can't save at checkpoints. If you die, you start over, unfortunately.

Ollie's Manor


The game already supports English. I didn't even have to change the language.

This game is more of a tapping game that quickly becomes an idle game once you unlock the autocollectors. You don't really get to choose where to place the items you unlock but at least everything is organized xD as you keep unlocking, you'll eventually be able to upgrade these.
There's a boss that you have to deal damage to by tapping fast. There's an explorer which you have to send out on explorations and equip gear to.
Like many other idle games, it has ads that gives you currency. It also has chests that gives you 'artifacts' to collect.

I absolutely love the art. The sounds are relaxing too
So pretty much, I'd say this game is good for relaxing

Mitrasphere | English


Gameplay reminds me of SinoAlice and Unison League.

It's a pretty relaxing game and has an enjoyable character customization. It's not complex, but it was fun. VA used for voice lines are well known people too apparently 👀

Great game so far. Lemme just leave my rating and simple review here and go back to the game [哇噻]



Biphase is a fun puzzle jumper game. For me, it's pretty unique. I haven't played a game like this. Basically, when you jump, the color changes. You get to step on the color that isn't the same as the background. Your goal is to reach the portal.

I like the color scheme. It's easy on the eyes and night time friendly. Great for those that don't like light theme xD
It's a great game to pass time. Don't get confused with that stage select area :)

Btw, there's a story in it [懵懂]That's why it's called Bipolar Disorder Mind Puzzle. It's a story about a character with the disorder

Actually pretty fun. Like others said, it's Cytus and Osu out together. Surprisingly, the gameplay itself responds pretty well.

Beatmaps atm have a lot of Japanese, electronic songs (dubstep, trap, etc), and piano songs. You normally wouldn't find the usual copyright english songs, probably because of the copyright they make you agree to before joining the community. The best you could find of them are remixes.
At the moment this review was made, a lot of the recent beat maps are 15+ difficulty. If you want easier ones, there's a sort and search function because those 15 diff are not a joke xD This game is less forgiving than Cytus
If I understood correctly, you can also download some Cytoid beatmaps from Google.

Great music art found by the community, a lot of nice songs; I'd say give it a try if you like rhythm games.

BLEACH: Bonding Blade


So far a good game. It fully supports English (except app announcements) and the translation isn't that cringy at all. So far, there are a lot of recharge/top up events. The notification (red dot) won't go away but at least they're not intrusive pop ups.

Gameplay is turn-based. You unlock auto mode after Chapter 2. It's similar to an idle game where they fight on their own and you take afk rewards when you come back, so the gameplay is not new. The story follows the anime and includes some screenshots.

The community is dominated by Chinese players. It's to be expected considering the app is Chinese. You won't see anyone speaking English in the chat.

Gacha is kinda meh. Instead of all "full" characters, the premium currency gacha gives out items and character fragments too. I guess that's a negative for me.

Tbh, I'm not sure I'll last long in this game [害羞]

Leap Trigger


It's okay. It doesn't feel as immersive as I thought it would be. Dodging feels awkward. Actually, the game itself requires a lot of movement for dodging, aiming, and such.
It's similar to some games where you collect pets, get copies to improve them and such.
I like AR games but this one feels too tiring for me, especially since matches can last quite a bit.

Also, loading takes too long when opening the game u.u it improves a bit after the first time. There's a lot of loading time in the menu for me too. I'm giving it a lower score on gameplay for now because it crashes too often just when a match starts. [暈]

I feel like this game could improve but for now, I'll just give it an "okay"

I absolutely love the game. It's like a mix of Sdorica and Hero Cantare, plus stages that act like the Arcane Labyrinth of Afk Arena. To those that play Arknights, it's similar to Coebe's Fungimist. It's been a great experience so far.
Translation could use some work though. It feels awkward sometimes.

Rerolling seems hard. You can't unlink your account and you can't create a guest account (currently bugged). The premium currency is hard to come by. I think I was at Chapter 3 before I got enough for another 10x.

Im glad the game is back though. Welcome back Code: Seed [開心]



Not a top game, but it's decent.

> Graphics are okay. The animations of the sprites could be better and smoother but it's not unpleasant to watch. I do love those sprites though.
> Art style is nice for some characters. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but it's good enough for me
> Gameplay is good so far. It's not unique, but there hasn't been glitches and bugs, so that's a plus. Upgrading and leveling are pretty straightforward. There are a few dungeons for them. UI isn't hard to navigate.

- Translation is still incomplete and messy. I've seen a character with half Korean description. Many notable typos throughout the game but the English in general is alright.
- There are some unreleased game modes so I'm looking forward to that.
- Correct me if I'm wrong but.. All those 'gg' ratings in this game seem too.. uniform?

Anyways, reroll is easy. I do wish they could give more rewards to roll in their gacha though. It'll take a long while to get enough for another 10x

Overall, I'm enjoying the game for now. [開心]

Arknights | English


Imagine if the game had live 2d too <3 rip my phone though if that happens
I only wish the game had cinematics for the story. But the events have been amazing so far. I wish CC would stay forever though. It's one way to be able to keep playing Arknights even without sanity, as well as a good drive to upgrade different operators.

Animal House


It's nice. It's pleasing to look at. The games are fun and simple. It's actually entertaining to go finish a room and be given a choice of three different designs for each furniture.

My problem is... I can't find it as relaxing as it claims because there's just so much ads in it. The ads ruin the relaxing mood it tries to give.
You need to watch ads to earn extra money, then you need to watch an ad to use the best design they have (which is the same price as the other two, just with an ad). On top of that, you get a random ad after a just a few rounds of the mini game.

Because of that, I can't bring myself to love it as much as I wish I could.

Cooking Battle!


I think the game is great. If you're a fan of overcooked, you'll like this game. It's a VS game, so you're up against two other chefs to get the highest score within the time limit.

There are different kinds of chefs, each with their own ability. If you're lucky, you'll get to find a random partner you'll work well with.

There are negative to this game, however:

-A little pay to win. There's a battlepass. Some of which contains items that'll increase your skills.
-I've played Ranked a few times and I've noticed I've only played against BOTS. Even my partner was a bot. How did I know? Movements and teamwork. One time my partner kept picking up and putting down a plate like some kind of bug. The other team also has too low a score to be actual players

Overall, it's still very entertaining but because of what I mentioned above, I'll give it a lower gameplay rating. That's all for now. I'll edit this when I have more to say. :)

RWBY: Crystal Match


Okay, I'm a huge fan of RWBY. I've also played several Match 3 Puzzle Games before. If you're fan of both, you'll love this game.

Though the mechanics may be similar to other games like this, they did their best to make it unique while incorporating the RWBY theme in it
-It has a story in it, with the Chibi characters portraying them
-The characters are unlockable and they have skills that help you in the game. You can even get costumes for them that increase their stats
-It's online, with the ability to add friends and such, but also seems you can play it offline since I was given the choice before after a bad connection (I'll have to verify this properly)
-There are special modes in some stages

It's laggy at times though, during large effects or multiple power up triggers. Some animations aren't as smooth as I'd like them to be. It would've been more pleasing to the eye
A lot of features are coming too, and Battle Royale is one of them. Hopefully it doesn't become too much of a P2W

It's okay. It's not the massive, detailed MMORPG you imagine it to be. At least, that's what I expected it to be. There's a lack of a lot of features that you can't feel immersed in the game. Here's some of them:

You can't customize your character. You're stuck with that character appearance when choosing a class. You can't even change the gender.
There are no NPC shops. You can't buy or sell items.
There isn't enough NPC or interactions to do, especially with other players.
There's no auto fight, which is good for me! However there was one instance when I couldn't hit the monster. It must've been a bug.

It has potential if they continue to add more content. But the way it is now, it's hard to immerse and feel like you're in a 'roleplay' game.

I thought it was going to be just another Neko Atsume after so many games copying it. But I was wrong, pleasantly so. It's actually very different. Though it may also be a cat collecting game, the mechanics and how they're collected is completely different. It's just disappointing that the cats don't interact much.

It may seem slow at the start but keep playing. Most of the other features starts to unlock at level 5. Before that however, they're invisible. Keep that in mind before you immediately think it's boring. It'll be great unlocked features if you're the competitive type.
It's a little p2w. The ranking system is based on number of cats so it doesn't really take away any fun from the game if you stay as free to play.

It even has mini games to play so you can earn more money. You don't have to rely on ads all the time. They're quite refined too. They're similar to casual games you'd see here and there in the app stores.

It's pleasant game to have and I'm glad I gave it a try.



The game is great. If you're looking to pass a few minutes with a casual game, then this should do the trick. Game play can be done with one hand. Graphics are simple. No story in it.
I actually do love it.

It's a bit of grinding and such to level up and get good equipment and skills, but it's very satisfying to be strong enough to stand still and kill the monsters.

It's a game you can finish in one sitting. But I don't think it's something you can keep playing for a long time.



It's.. It's just Avabel again except chibi this time. I was excited for this hoping it'd be an original game but it's literally the same thing. Just rearranged a few things.

Unlike most of Asobimo's games, this has auto walk and auto fight. You can earn a decent amount of money by doing this but it takes away the effort put into the game by players.

If you wanted to play Avabel but the higher levels seemed too far for you, this is a good game to start on with the same mechanics but lower level people.

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