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Higan: Eruthyll | Global


garbage and fake gacha rate



the gacha is hell, I pull 120x and spent so much gems for guaranteed gacha banner, and got nothing, waste of time and money

I'm kinda disappointed. this game have a lot of potential, but they ruined it with gear gacha system. it's a sign that they are lazy and don't want to put some effort to make or design new characters in every event and update. so I'll skip this game



no comment, everything is perfect for me

Brave Frontier ReXONA


I don't know why Alim become so crappy with vip system and all. the grapich is really bad, storyline is a no no, gameplay is kinda interesting but will make you boring eventually, for level up materials need to buy some keys with gems in store.

Time Defenders


this game is literary sh*t, SSR units is trash, limited material grinding, fake gacha animation, ridiculous level spike, full of bugs, too many p2w content, etc.

the only good thing about this game is the character design.

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Japan server WTF, what's wrong with this Japanese Guild? am I the only poor person in this guild? Read Note
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