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Graphics is top quality on all of characters including skin. This is problaly one of the rare game that would make this kind. Sound is chill for those that like calmness but it only a BGM so 50-50. Gameplay such as this is for those who busy with work because there auto so if anyone if a hardcore players...i suggest don't play this game. Stoyline: Non-existence lul. Value: I say very good

Revived Witch | English


Short review: Gameplay is simple BUT doesn't mean that it gonna be easy. Material farming for dolls not too much. This game bring in the old style that i used to play so i really enjoy the atmosphere. PLUS a smooth bgm.

Arknights | English


Have been playing since Launch and still playing cause it so fun using your brain. Amazing storyline and music. But most importantly, the waifus and gacha are friendly. Arknights will forever be in my heart ^^

I hope that you guys keep going cause this game is awsome

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