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Clash Of Sky丨English


Usual gacha game, collect waifu and experience pain collecting and nurture your waifu.



[厲害]nice game

Normal gacha idle game?

Brave Frontier ReXONA


This game was good. The system, gacha and characters was good. There isnt any bad point thats come to mind after experiencing it. The characters art was pleasant to see, VA was pleasant to hear, and one can choose from plenty option when you getting started as main waifu/husbando.

VIP system also fine, its a good feature in my opinion. The people running the game need those money from loyal player and in return, they give this feature to those loyal player. So i really didnt see this as a bad thing like others see it.

The only things that turns me down is the control...why? just why? Its sooooo bad or maybe its just out of the norm its really grind my gear. [發怒]

Well, overall the game was pleasant to play and maybe in the future more stuff coming and it will be a game to look forward to...but for now...for me its a no.

All i can tell you, it is a good game, plenty of chances for F2P and good deal for P2W. Girls are cute in this game, worthy to enter your waifu collection. Its also fun. Thats the most important thing.

Ace Archer


Subpar VIP system pay2win game that has standard cute artwork idle game.

Unknown Bride


First of all, THAT intro was SCARY! If you in dark lit room and hate a clown, skip intro.

Lets get to the review(early try)
Character development never said enough, same as usual girl collecting game. While you might be confused at first from the UI, its suprisingly easy once you know how to do things.

Battle mechanic is auto and has cost party system(like those old game), while some people might be turn of by this. If you like it or lazy person, this mechanic is for you.

Gacha, hmmm this one is unique. SSR being true to the name in this game. The normal gacha only give you up to SR rarity, while there is SSR gacha, its only can be done if you have 5 SSR gacha pieces. SR gacha has rate of 2.5%SR, 33%R, rest is normal. SSR gacha 1.5%SSR, 5%SR, 42%R and the rest is normal. You also get featured character coin in SSR gacha.

Shocking? well rarity is not the main focus of the game, so you can at least rest easy if you only want to play the game for story or fun.

Lets talk about graphic, the artwork is nice, the UI is well design even if the game theme is dark. the battle animation is as expected from 2D. SR and SSR has animated artwork.

Sound is well average, background music quite nice if you like gothic? type music. Voice every R and above character has it, typical appirits game.

Thats all i think? well the game itself is fun even if you just searching for online girls collecting game thats not over the top and has auto battle, this is for you. Have fun.

Red: Pride of Eden (CBT)


BETA review(might change in final ver.). If you like beast girls, you will like this.
Character development similar to any idol or RPG girls game.

Gacha has small rate for SSR which is 2% while SR18% and R is 80%. Not great, but not really affect your progress in long run. SSR has animation Ultimate move and picture tho, so you might be tempted to get them.

Graphic is quite nice, the girls is unique and very nice to look at. You wont disappointed. UI layout is good, wont get you confused.

Voice and sound is great, some line is not voiced but storyline is pretty much all voiced.

Gameplay quite nice, has story mode, hard mode, etc. At least you wont get bored grinding daily.

Bug not really existence as far as i play it, just connection issue.

Overall, a fun game about beast girl that you can play for longer period of time.

Hmmm, first of all, the battle scene make me remembering another mobile game of touhou, touhou cannonball. which is to me is a better version since it use 3D but being a touhou fan, 2D is like the root, but its still a big turn off for me seeing 2D scene battle. The illustration still nice tho,

The character system nearly the same as some idol game or similar one, you will be met with similar feeling. By no mean this game is bad by being the same as other game. It is a good game, make you feel familiar right of the bat when playing.

The story seems more focus on the lore, which is nice, better i think than touhou cannonball. The voice and song also nice. Just the repetitive line can be annoying. So get your favorite as main so you wont get annoyed.

The gacha... it is normal. Cacha system with character and spell in it. The game kindly enough to give 40 free gacha at the start, if you have character you would like to have, be sure to use the first gacha. You can get no character when doing 10 times gacha, so just pray your luck is good to get one.

Need to see in the long run of how the game perform. Hope the publisher and community be good to this game.

Castle Bane


Firstly start, this game is suffer from common mistakes of publisher, Bad delivery. [不滿]
The game itself is not bad, the graphic while not the best like kings raid, its good to look at. The music and voice is good, pleasant to hear while playing. Story is interesting, definitely not the first, but unique. Gameplay itself was similar to staged kind of game, RNG and luck is a factor. [懵懂]

HOWEVER, balance and some bug in this game is SHIT(for now). Some character is too overpowered that its unbelievable. Hel for example, in her max stat is twice the stat of other similar rarity and her skill can wipeout an entire party in a second. so mind this when playing this. You can throw things about balance out of the window. [發火]

Next is bug, while its mostly fixed, some is present in a hidden places because of what i said at the start, bad deliveries. example is some of event mission is impossible to clear because of overlapping objective.[發怒]

Last thing, have fun playing this game. Dont think too much when play this game, just enjoy it like an offline game and you will be mostly fine. While some of game bad points is overshadow the good one, doesnt mean this game is bad entirely. It is a good game, just have terrible fate of common mistakes. They should learn from publisher like cygames. [開心]

Ark Order | Japanese


For anyone that want to reroll, you need 2 device and make transfer id in setting.
The game was good, gacha rate of UR is 5% which is considered good for some.
Its a great game overall. You can play it for fun.

CUE! - See You Everyday


Ooo nice game CUE!

Game worthy to be hyped about.[色色] If you have played JP ver, you know what you get for.
In this game, Character is secondary. Ark first then character. Thats doesnt mean you cannot reroll to get character you like. Just Ark whats really make your team strong. You also need to know how to manage ark resources(use low to farming).
Have fun playing everyone.

Touhou Cannonball


Touhou game? nuff said right?
Truthfully, if you not understand japanese, you need to learn the UI function first also use evertrans to help.
Why i give it 5 star? nepotism my friend.
If you dont like touhou or new to one, you need to give this a try for unique gameplay its offer.
Also it has gacha, 2%5star chara, 4%5star card. Yes it has card system.
All in all,

Kakuriyo Oboro


Underrated game. Maybe because it released date near LLSIFAS and けもフレ3. MMORPG mix with waifu gathering gacha.

The graphic and artwork is cute, SR char and some storyline is voiced.

UI can be a mess and hard to navigate for new player but after a while, you get used to it.

It is a good game, can get boring like typical mmorpg, but still nice to play in free time.[微笑]

2D auto game with VRMMORPG Ossan theme. You can only control when to skill using 1 button on/off in battle, thats all. There is no tension or feel of control in it. It's just feel so underwhelming.

The story is like that RE:Monster Goblin game in which you will be accompanied with some unknown girl that didnt exist in story of the manga/novel.

The art is fine, if you familiar with the manga or artist artwork, you will know what to expect.

The other mechanic is also fine, standard mobile rpg. You make your own equipment and item from mission drop, Gacha and other stuff.

Overall, you decide yourself.

[開心][開心]Kemono Friends 3 at last!!
The game was beautifully made. If you familiar with mechanic in revue starlight and princess connect, you will familiar with it too.

The graphic more refined and better. Sound is pleasant, can accompany you playing this game for hours. Script was voiced most of them. Gameplay is turn based.

The gacha rate can be abysmal for 4 star one, but dont let it get to you. Every friends is important!(you can reroll)

Have fun playing けもフレ3。
Wish me luck to completing PPP!

The game was straight forward. You can login using 3 option, Guest, Twitter or account if not wrong. Then you choose gender, No tutorial up front.

They give quite lot freebies to try the gachas...but UR chances is only 2% and only 5 UR available to get. 10 tries is 40 gem and there is also tickets.

The gameplay pretty unique is all i can say. You need to try it yourself.

Overall pretty generic rpg gacha game.

Penguin's Isle


Penguin AbyssRium[哇噻], thats what my first impression of this game. The graphic is good, look simple and soothing, but also detailed. The gameplay is the same as typical of game like this, with some feature being paid and adsbound but you can still play this for free.

If you dislike penguin, this is not for you(i doubt you are human if you dislike penguin)[鬼臉]. If you like penguin and soothing easy game to fill your free time, this is for you.

League of Wonderland


If you have tried of playing Terra Wars, RWBY amity arena, you probably know where this game gameplay and what its direction is with the differences is the amount of tower and time limit per match.[懵懂]

The game is pretty generous and easy to play, you can compete with everyone on even ground, paying can give you an advantage, but its miniscule at most since every rank has some limitation in lv of the char allowed in battle.[鬼臉]

Is it fun? it is fun if you like this type of fast paced game where you wont have to worry of story progress and you like to grind your way to win.[開心]

All in all, this is one solid game you have to try and see for yourself.[厲害]

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You can reroll by deleting com.sega.KemonoFriends3.v2.playerprefs.xml in data-data-"game directory"-shared_prefs for rooted device
rename game folder to anything that easy to revert back in android folder(home-android) then proceed to appinfo the app, clear data and change the folder name back to default name for non-rooted.
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