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Ark Order | Japanese


For anyone that want to reroll, you need 2 device and make transfer id in setting.
The game was good, gacha rate of UR is 5% which is considered good for some.
Its a great game overall. You can play it for fun.

CUE! - See You Everyday


Ooo nice game CUE!

Game worthy to be hyped about.[色色] If you have played JP ver, you know what you get for.
In this game, Character is secondary. Ark first then character. Thats doesnt mean you cannot reroll to get character you like. Just Ark whats really make your team strong. You also need to know how to manage ark resources(use low to farming).
Have fun playing everyone.

Touhou Cannonball


Touhou game? nuff said right?
Truthfully, if you not understand japanese, you need to learn the UI function first also use evertrans to help.
Why i give it 5 star? nepotism my friend.
If you dont like touhou or new to one, you need to give this a try for unique gameplay its offer.
Also it has gacha, 2%5star chara, 4%5star card. Yes it has card system.
All in all,

Kakuriyo Oboro


Underrated game. Maybe because it released date near LLSIFAS and けもフレ3. MMORPG mix with waifu gathering gacha.

The graphic and artwork is cute, SR char and some storyline is voiced.

UI can be a mess and hard to navigate for new player but after a while, you get used to it.

It is a good game, can get boring like typical mmorpg, but still nice to play in free time.[微笑]

2D auto game with VRMMORPG Ossan theme. You can only control when to skill using 1 button on/off in battle, thats all. There is no tension or feel of control in it. It's just feel so underwhelming.

The story is like that RE:Monster Goblin game in which you will be accompanied with some unknown girl that didnt exist in story of the manga/novel.

The art is fine, if you familiar with the manga or artist artwork, you will know what to expect.

The other mechanic is also fine, standard mobile rpg. You make your own equipment and item from mission drop, Gacha and other stuff.

Overall, you decide yourself.

Kemono Friends 3


[開心][開心]Kemono Friends 3 at last!!
The game was beautifully made. If you familiar with mechanic in revue starlight and princess connect, you will familiar with it too.

The graphic more refined and better. Sound is pleasant, can accompany you playing this game for hours. Script was voiced most of them. Gameplay is turn based.

The gacha rate can be abysmal for 4 star one, but dont let it get to you. Every friends is important!(you can reroll)

Have fun playing けもフレ3。
Wish me luck to completing PPP!

The game was straight forward. You can login using 3 option, Guest, Twitter or account if not wrong. Then you choose gender, No tutorial up front.

They give quite lot freebies to try the gachas...but UR chances is only 2% and only 5 UR available to get. 10 tries is 40 gem and there is also tickets.

The gameplay pretty unique is all i can say. You need to try it yourself.

Overall pretty generic rpg gacha game.

Penguin's Isle


Penguin AbyssRium[哇噻], thats what my first impression of this game. The graphic is good, look simple and soothing, but also detailed. The gameplay is the same as typical of game like this, with some feature being paid and adsbound but you can still play this for free.

If you dislike penguin, this is not for you(i doubt you are human if you dislike penguin)[鬼臉]. If you like penguin and soothing easy game to fill your free time, this is for you.

League of Wonderland


If you have tried of playing Terra Wars, RWBY amity arena, you probably know where this game gameplay and what its direction is with the differences is the amount of tower and time limit per match.[懵懂]

The game is pretty generous and easy to play, you can compete with everyone on even ground, paying can give you an advantage, but its miniscule at most since every rank has some limitation in lv of the char allowed in battle.[鬼臉]

Is it fun? it is fun if you like this type of fast paced game where you wont have to worry of story progress and you like to grind your way to win.[開心]

All in all, this is one solid game you have to try and see for yourself.[厲害]

I suggest just buy standalone good visual novel that wont need to buy rubies or whatever gem to play rather than this. The stories arent even good anyway.

Still has a lot of bug. Play with caution.

The game was typical robot building kind. You build the gundam with parts that you get from gacha, and play it in 3D third person view. The control was responsive and the UI designed to be play with one handed.

Gacha was kind of good, you get 5% chance to get the 4 star parts or pilot depend on type of gacha you do. Truthfully, just dont get your hopes high to freely build yours especially for hardcore fan of gundam as the part available is less than ideal since the game was just released.

Still the game was fun....if there was no crashing bugs and lag everywhere. [不滿]

Game was good, easy control and has semi or full auto function typical of mobile game. Graphic in 2D with movement between map similar to Another eden if you have played it.

Story is typical, can be follow or skip ahead like other. The focus of the game is building team with gacha and pieces of character like any other similar game with differences of you have your own main character to use. There are 5 job to choose, choose with what you like since you can fill other spot with char you get.

Rarety of char only affect some of skill and passive while stat is equip dependent, so you can built your team cost efficient without need to spend much into the game.
Overall is typical fun team building game that everyone can enjoy.

gjh1m1 my invite code if anyone interested in using it. Thanks

Monster Basket


This game gacha rate can be good, can be bad, depend on your luck. The game itself at first glance seems like a joke, and it is.....kind off but dont let that prevent you from playing. It's fun, and a good game to play when you feels bored with your other game.

The game also giving you free stuff like there's no tomorrow at the start. So, there is no need for reroll, unless you got a bad luck. btw after 3 times gacha, there is a bonus boost 5 star chance for all gacha 10x pull you done in 10 minutes.[怪笑]

Have fun playing.

Promises of Azure


The game was a mix between azur lane and WoWarship combined basically 3D azur lane with kinda like WoW aiming system.
There are gacha but you can still built your waifu like in kancolle or azur lane.
The hardest part to this game for international player is to login in as guest, which require captha with chinese kanji puzzle. You can use google translate app to help you out on this or just yolo and try over and over.[怪笑]

Stella Maiden | English


The game was alright for a while until you will be overwhelmed by managing your own base. The concept of the game was certainly good but it's need a constant watch by the player like 24/7 unlike other similar type waifu game. This can be a turn off for some people as they have other stuff to do other than the game. Simply said the game wants to be RTS with no time limit game.
Well it's a good game overall if you overlook the game short coming.

Graphic was incredible, animation was smooth, sound was pleasing to my ears, storyline? do i need to say it? game mechanic was good if not best which is up to you. And the best of all, there is HOGS! to save the day.

Hopefully the developer will keep the game stay relevant. Have fun playing the game!

Last Cloudia | Japanese


Some of annoying bugs has been fixed.
The gameplay is good, combat is semi auto, and it's fun. The graphics and sounds remind me of FF BE which is good to see. Storyline is typical of RPG? well overall it's a good game as long as the developer maintain it wisely.

Graphic and sound is the best no doubt but the game crash too frequently. Get your SSR in reroll gacha as much as you capable since the gacha chances to get SSR after that is abysmal(for free player).

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You can reroll by deleting com.sega.KemonoFriends3.v2.playerprefs.xml in data-data-"game directory"-shared_prefs for rooted device
rename game folder to anything that easy to revert back in android folder(home-android) then proceed to appinfo the app, clear data and change the folder name back to default name for non-rooted.
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