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Shadow Hunter: Lost World


still work in progress

Retro Bowl


This game eventhough looks and feels like just some throw back nostalgia game actually have some neet new mechanics to fit as a mobile game.

Frist, it's fast and cuts some more in depth strategies or game plans , but not to the point of spoiling your fun.

The approach is call the plays(sorta) and the focus is massive on the QB , the play action consists on choosing to run or throw , no gimmicks , also you don't see your defense play, that's a bit of a bummer as you draft and buy player for the offense (qb,te,ol,wr,rb) and the d#(dl,db,lb).

On this topic i like to add that on the free and bare minimum payed vers. you may have no more than 10 players. To at least add a bit more control of the game, you also have another playable team member and it's the kicker, it's very simplistic,again no gimmicky fake punt or whatever

Sounds like a negative review but in all honesty it's supposed to have quick plays and move on to the next game.

i think it's pretty well made in all senses as a throwback and also as a good mobile game.

the difficulty can be set in between games, and there's a feature that i really like the dynamic diff. the game scales in difficulty the better you play , i noticed a spike on difficulty but at that moment my team was really good so i guess it's only fair.

all and all it's an instant favorite for me

i see people complaining about the free one season ver.
it's valid to feel a bit cheated but the game is really cheap and worthy of every penny.

Pokemon Unite


Frist of all regardless of the game itself, just the brand "Pokemon" already atracts a HUGE following that , myself included, may be a bit biased.

Putting that bihind, i will try my best to convey the game experience as it is.

1ª - The moba style or the main focus of the game, brings nothing to a little to add as you get the same roles (atk,sup,def,agi,"all-round") the last one is actually a bit missleading, ex: lucario fit very well in the "center"(jug) role, he brings little besides a kock off on the enemy, Charyzard might aswell be at the ranged atk role, and the list goes on

2º The gameplay and team mates; this topic can be a bit salty on my part, but if you're not playing with 2-3 friends, this part can be a lot tilting.
that leads on the gameplay, the ranked machup is 2 tiers up or down, it's too much just one is enought seeing that a lot new players play mobile only(it's a educated guess on my part)

3º well there's no kind of history , not that is needed

4ª The "gacha" component; still early days but with battle pass and skins (also you can buy pkm) but it's nothing "unbalanced" or p2w , ok maybe the price of 10k coins is a bit too much for the "best" pokemon or newest ones, but if played by a bad players it'll only be bad.

CONCLUSION: the games is another lol/dota clone, but you got pokemon on it what else you want? seeing that the "competition" is all the same , Pokemon Unite has a very safe place in heart.. i mean phone

obs: a huge plus is the game stability since day one , and it's very well optimized my phone is pretty meh but runs pretty well, and that is big plus on getting the most players onboard.

Dawn of Isles | Global


Great game , nice story , good felling of controls and combos , in clan fights or even in events (that happen from time to time , i think is 5x5 all at the same time) if your phone is a bit old , you probably going to lose , and even with nicer phones at the end whales will get you , but is still farmable and tribes(clans) can help you a lot at the farming front.

All and all it's a chill, and very good at delivering what it is , an action rpg with story line , yes it's a mmo , but you hardly notice unless with guildmates farming, in dugeons or events , as i said its p2w, even with the prices being a bit salty , you can buy hardly everything oneway or another, besides pvp events it hardly affect any other aspect of the game.

good game to waste some time , lotes to do and the good old nostalgia feelings

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