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If you read this, you are awesome!!
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If you read this, you are awesome!!
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EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


TLDR; has ENGLISH language. Isometric semi auto RPG. Need high spec phone to run (got to play Normal setting and 60fps on s20). Make my device OVERHEAT on Normal graphic setting.

Yes, it is a direct adaptation of the manga & anime of that same title. Yes, it has ENGLISH subtitle options. No I will not review the stories.

The gameplay is an isometric action RPG (yes there is an Auto but more like Semi Auto as some action you have to control it yourself) with quite good graphics for a mobile games.

Warning; from the other reviews I saw, it seems there is few device is not supported (emulators as well) also the game seems to reqi ure mid to high spec phone. In my experience I can run it on high settings with 60 fps (device used for reveiw is s20). After a while the phone got real OVERHEAT issue, so BEWARE (on Normal setting, there is a Low graphic setting to choose for as well).

Genshin Impact


This game change google forever if you search image with keyword 'Paimon'.

This game is best to be played on winter, where you can use your phone as a heater or pocket warmer.

This game saltiness is like when you spill a salt in the Dead Sea.

Self Note:
The Pro
1. too many to mention, you'll find it somehow

The Cons
1. mobile phone control is bit clunky, especially hard when aiming
2. makes you phone a hot potato, suggest to play it on pc or console
3. still cannot pet doggo & kitty
4. shooting the mid flight eagle is damn hard

Another Bethesda attempt to make more money but I think I like the game. TL;DR a good Fallout series for mobile, keeps me entertained for a while. The pvp looks like it is P2W since you can buy SSR char if you have money to spend. Oh this game also has Gacha ;))

Graphics: similar with Fallout Shelter (not the online version). The character cards artwork is really nice though (and animated). Somehow they make the men beefy and the woman looks pretty. For people who played original fallout series (1, 2, 3, NV, 4) they might get surprised.

Sound: this game sound is quite similar with original Shelter as they might re used the same data. Never really bother about it.

Gameplay: this is a gacha, character collecting, micromanaging, semi autos type of game. The game itself is how you manage your Vault as an Overseer. You can expand your Vault, gather resources and recruit wastelanders to be your dweller. The game auto features is when you battle, outside of it you have to micromanage yourself. And yes, you can progress lots easier if you have SSR character. It depends on your luck or your wallet.
WARNING: If you NEVER and plan to play Fallout series, some of the character profile in this game will give you MAJOR spoilers.

Storyline: never really care about it. To put it simply you are an Overseer of the Vault. Previous Overseer handed his position to you but went missing while taking the energy core of some kind, which will doom you Vault. And now, you are tracking him down. The area setting that they use is Fallout 4 world (Boston).

Value: this is might not be everyone cup of coffee. Those who haven't play original Fallout Shelter might take time to learn on how to play. Once you get a hang of it, it is quite fun. Lots of micromanaging to do. Overall it is a solid good game for mobile.

Disney Mirrorverse


Another hidden gem from Kabam games. Most people judge it just by playing a little bit or streaming.. or trash gacha (yes, this game also has gacha).

Gameplay: this is not a game that played itself like others out there. You have to win the battle manually, so you are really using your brain a bit and actually playing the game. To fully enjoy all the game mechanism and features, you need to play for a while (Chapter 2, Stage 2). Some features also not mentioned in tutorial, so you have to figure it out yourself. The character roster isn't much at the moment but then considering gacha rate to pull new character (12%), it is fair enough.

Graphics: no graphics setting (current build), so some old devices might get low fps or not be able to play. Character design is very good, personally like the concept.

Sound: nothing special here. There is no character voice in current state of the game so it is quite a downside. Prolly something to do with dev's cost or agreement if they trying to add actual voice actors in game.

Storyline: basically multiverse on disney universe. Never really follow the plot. I leave this section on neutral score (3/5)

Value: it is an actual game. Many 'mobile games' nowadays is not an actual game because the game play itself with just press of one button. As for current game state, there is not much to do beside story, grind stage and events. It will be better to add co op in the future.

This is how mobile games should be. Also one of the saltiest mobile game out there. It is like having succubus as your girlfriend, it sucks you drain but you will always come back for more [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

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First multi roll manage to pull this on my 5th roll, quite surprised o.O. Oh well, this weekend going to be very grindy for me.
Again, wishing you all best of luck on gacha. Cheers!![厲害][厲害]
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