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hi, i need friends
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hi, i need friends
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Maiden‘s Haven Academy





you remember Pirate Kings, there you go a slightly improve version
dice quite hard to get after high level unless there's event (i know everyday have event but the dice they gave is not a lot when you are after lv2000 and have extremely b.a.d luck like me)
quite fun to collect and exchange/t.r.a.d.e with other player (beware of s.c.a.m.s)
album collecting is quite challenging, as it is also r&g...
when there is a collaborative event, make sure to find active players, cause usually the reward is very high BUT BECAUSE OF THIS ONE PIECE OF S- A.F.K's AFTER I ACCEPT HIM AS AN ALLY, NOW I CANT COMPLETE THE EVENT..... my b.a.d....
well overall is quite a good game, just not my cup of tea
as it is the kinda of game where u go in just for the grind then q.u.i.t

ps: why the word t.r.a.d.e is a sensitive word? and i cant post the review because of it?

Spotify Music


its has amazing graphics, harmonically sound, crazy gameplay, amazing storyline progression
the best mobile game i would recommend [厲害]

Avatar Frame & tickets go brrrr

Memento Mori


really good graphics, sound, story, but the gameplay its quite normal turn based game

[可憐] its meh, good for mobile though

it has some uniqueness, but overall not my cup of tea

grapics is ok, sounds good, gameplay not wht im used to like bandori, storyline didnt follow
overall i think is good, its just tht its not my cup of tea

Why no auto save.... or is it a premium thing idk...

but this is truly an afk game just put set the world rules however u like and however many villages or creature u want and just watch them grow, build, farm, have war, and more. Wanna spice things up? Throw a nuke in the middle of them or just delete their entire island.

Quite fun to watch them grow but for me it gets quite bored after a few hours cause its not really rewarding for the player as every thing is build automatically villages collect their own resources build their own, wage war own their own and etc. It is really a fully afk game.

For example Minecarft afk farm, its rewarding to the player as the afk session give u items that the player can use it for other uses.



after the tutorial, there nothing else, it will straight forced close the app
edit: (after a few reopen, it got past the tutorial)

unique gameplay (tutorial) 9/10

story wise i find it confusing (for now) 4/10

the cat character language dialog is very annoying to read because of the uwu language 3/10

music is quite good 9/10

graphics is hmmm..... some is really good... some is meh so... 7/10 for now

Graphic: intriguing
Sound: quite bad for music and va is... interesting... just make sure u hv headphone for some character
Gameplay: normal afk, storyline non-existant for now
Animation: as expected
Value: 5/10 (can be improved by a lot with simple update)

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


Very interesting gameplay
Love all of the songs, graphics is good, storyline i didnt pay much attention so i am not sure, VA is excellent

Just that i dont like the fact that some of the songs has like more than 2 covers, i mean they are all pretty fun and sounds amazing but still...

also sometimes there is a sfx bug where it will loop and nonstop but you can just restart the game

other than that definitely recommended to play
(came from bangdream JP as it is slowly losing players... rank is not as hard as before)

edit: i forgot to mention that u can customize the stage which is an amazing feature for me

Call of Duty®: Heroes


doesnt even work[大哭]

You cant save your progress to google play
Storyline and sound is also very poor
but the gamemode itself is not bad

pretty p2w

Guitar Girl


Great art and music!!
Will 100% recommend to anyone!!

It's not a full 5/5 because.... of all the minor issues....

Pls make a more detail tutorial that we can rewatch or read (since many people tends to skip em and then ask later).

Some paid outfit (guitar skins and etc) is fine and understandable but pls make the songs all free to play.....

Pls make editable name.... i mean.... why the default name is "guitar girl"....

I hope you add expandable profile pic for my "friends" also so i can actually see their pics

Resolution of the photos is.... not great.... its kinda like... for example a video: 360p.... i hope it is at least 720p or even more

That's all that i can think of right now.... will add if there's more
All these are

all minor issues

and will not affect much



There is ups and downs but overall great app
I wish they add more basic settings like the volume for alarm and sfx
The costumes and extra function was pricey
The voice recognition was really accurate as my japanese was not my first language and the app stills recognize what i said

Onmyoji Arena | Global


Matchmaking time is quite long(not surprised because not many players)
Graphics Top Notch
Skins Top Notch (and always give free skin depends on luck you can get a Epic/Legendary or whatever you called it even the*free low tier* skin are nice as heckkk)
Their had their own song and mv for their game(Luv it)
Internet Consistency is not good (i have really good internet so its not my side's problem)
Luv the spectator mode with a few really nice functions
Overall balance ish... Heroes/Champions/Shikigami (except Mouba aka Truck-chan)
"Emblem" no need to be upgraded so its fair for all players
Player Matchmaking in casual is sometimes bug...? 3/5 times u get the same rank players but 2/5 times u get players wayyy higher ranking than you or wayyy lower ranking
Hope Wada YT post more of this game😭😂
Overall i enjoyed the game a lot

Great game
Love the multiplayer mode but they should update their matchmaking sometimes i am team with a player with 1 kill and 15 deaths and is feeding to the enemy(kills=operator skill and....)
Why remove zombie mode.... i luv that mode......
Battle royale is a little not fair with the tier weapons
but most of the time i can get a good gun
only sometimes unlucky don't get any good guns
Battle royale old school is fun too so dont remove it(normal battle royale with no operator skill)

Guardian Tales | Global


Great Game but it keep crashing
I have a 6GB RAM so i dont think its my phone problem

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