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I love how the top comments are from my fellow FP stans

Disney Twisted Wonderland


This is one of the most highly anticipated games of summer and it lives up to its hype. The whole thing just screams "Harry Potter!"

You got yeeted to another world through a magic mirror where Disney villains are portrayed as ikemens and ended up in a magical institute called "Knight Ravens College". Upon your arrival you met a feral kitty on the loose(called Grimm) who says that he's gonna become TW's greatest magician. You've also met the flamboyant headmaster of the school(his catchphrase:"Because I'm a nice person!"). Back at the dormitory the 7 dorm leaders are having a sorting hat initiation for the new students. The magic mirror tells you that there isn't anything special about you since you have 0 magic. You tell them it's because you came from another world and you want to go back where you came from, the headmaster agrees to help you. With nowhere else to go, you ended up staying at the institute as u discover the dark secrets of the dormitories.

Since the game is heavily focused on the story, it'll receive alot of criticism from the En community. The graphics and UI are really nice, it reminds me of Obey Me! The gameplay has 2 modes, "auto-battle" and "Rhythmic", once you've finished the tutorials the lesson modes such as Flying, Alchemy, magic classes will be available. Thumbs up for the bgm. The gacha rate however is so-so. Overall do I enjoy it? Heck yes! there are still  room for improvements and Im looking forward to the event platform.
[[edit: Pre-Registration users should also claim the milestone gifts before it expires]]

REI SAKUMA if you're reading then YES I'M SINGLE[賣萌]

When you mix Dynamic Cord, Marginal#4, and Hypmic... You get this masterpiece. Heroine roams downtown carrying a mysterious invitation where she finds herself getting dragged to an entertainment-bar called Starless and meets a bunch of bishounens called "Warmens" who are rockstar idols competing to become top singers. As a special customer(marked as black card), Heroine gets a special "backstage pass" that leads her to discovering more dark secrets and solving mysteries(and ofcourse being a supportive #1 fan to her chosen team along the way). Gameplay is like any other Rhythm games with meh Gacha pulls. There's already an event once u open the game. The Rehearsal system is where you train your boos to lvl up and compete with live rankings . Overall it's quite good, Pretty hard. If you're a fan of catchy-edgy idol music this is perfect for you.



Voltage Inc. is like the EA of the otome game world and I honestly wasn't expecting much except pay2win wall. This game is like any other mmo VN card battle game, the darude retro music made my ear bled tho. Design looks visually depressing, plot is ok but cliche. The UI is a direct insult to Yume100 but unlike Yume100 the gacha rate sucks. Overall this is a mess... nice try Voltage.



On the other hand, if you want to know the plot there's an ANIME ADAPTATION of this game that's been out for ages and the plot is similar to tkrb Hanamaru since both are made by dmm.

If you find the anime adaption super hilarious then you won't be disappointed in this one! A simple yet engaging arcade game where you can unlock stages by progressing through completing different challenges. It's a hidden otome gem! Totally recommended!

When you mix every popular female-oriented titles like Sengoku Basara, Diabolik Lovers, Touken Ranbu and Hakuoki together... you get this tryhard version.
great story plot and graphics, the anime adaptation butchered it btw. Gameplay is ok, however it's a moneygrab game, not noob-friendly, gacha rate sucks, repetitive. Slightly recommended, but I didn't wastevmy time and immediately uninstalled it without a second thought.

5 Stars for the gameplay, soundtrack, graphics and story!! EXCITED FOR THE ANIME ADAPTATION 😍😍

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[otome/idol] Mobile Games April Sales:
-Enstars Music (955 M) 
-Twisted Wonderland (942 M) 
-Hypmic ARB (278 M) 
-Enstars Basic (144 M) 
-A3 (144 M) 
-UtaPri (124 M) 
-Idolish7 (123 M) 
-Stand my Heroes (82.85 M) 
-Ikemen Sengoku (82.32 M) 
-Mahoyaku (80.60 M) 
-IMAS Side M (71.89 M) 
-Touken Ranbu (57.34 M) 
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