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Plants vs. Zombies™ 2


This game is pretty good, except for some pay to win aspects. Even with that, it's enjoyable.

Graphics are best graphics I have ever seen in a common mobile game. IT'S SO GREAT! Keep on it
Same with sounds

But gameplay it's regular, not so boring, and not so funny or epic. The difficult at the beggining is low and I don't like it, I know, the game is starting, but maybe a lot of people didn't play that much the technical things deserves because of the easy part.



I do not understand the things that the options shows, but I really like this game, it's easy to play, and I would like part 6-8 to appear. Great game, I love it.

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#PrayForKyoani It's such a shame that so many people of a great studio had that end. We will remember all of the fallem ones. I pay respects. Read Note
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