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The 3D is really smooth and doesnt look sketchy at all. The gasha is great as well, rate for a 5star isnt ridiculously high for me and is very generous when it comes to giving oil. Overall a great game, highly recommend it :) In my opinion.



Incredibly cute and this game made my JoJo dream come true. [賣萌][哇噻] - It's understandable that summoning a character is pretty hard but they did gave a huge raise up a few ago so that patches up the low SSR rate [白眼](and I can't blame them since there isn't much characters in yet). Great game! Love the concept and the design, totally recommend you try it out although the controls might be a bit cranky at the start but you'll pick it up as you play. [怪笑][開心] [don't mind my intense use of emoji. They're really cute.]

Kirara Fantasia


I get to summon. Game's smooth and have lots of characters to collect. Some items seems impossible to get but nonetheless, still a pretty good game.

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