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Colorful Jumpers


The game is awesome! And I'm okay with the ads. Though, I have some suggestions if it's okay. I would suggest to add more characters in the game and each character would have their own ability which will then be up to the players on how to use them on the levels. The characters don't have to immediately be available, but instead, the characters could need requirements for the players to unlock. You could also add variety of levels instead of only adding obstacles in the levels. Each levels could take place in different places with different obstacles to avoid (e.g. In a jungle level, you could swing through vines if you reach them.). The levels could also be like some of the characters, where you need requirements to unlock them. You could also add some sort of power ups in the levels or before the start of a level, where taking one could multiply your score or maybe something that gives you a higher jump or a triple jump. It will also be interesting i think, if the game had bosses in it that randomly spawns while you're playing in a level. The boss depends on the level you're at and will hinder you while playing through a level, so, you'll have to avoid the boss until it goes away or maybe you could add some sort of mechanic to make the boss go away. You could also add challenges for those who want more achievements. You could also add multiplayer as well, which could either be Local or Online or both and where you could compete with others to see who would last in a level. Anyway, these are only suggestions. This game helped me relieve some stress and I also had fun playing it. I would probably continue playing it in the foreseeable future.

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Juvia Lockser w/ Gray Fullbuster bonus for a cooler environment (Fairy Tail)
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