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I probably shouldn't have went into this game with high expectations, but I did. I thought it would have it's own original sound and ideas, but they were just taking classical music and artists and shoved them into a rhythm game with a plot(?). The game has potential, it just hasn't unlocked that potential.

AFK Arena | Global


The game started out okay. It had a mildly interesting plot and it was cured my bordem. However, there's a certain point where idl games get way to hard and boring. That point came way to soon in this game. I could just check up every hour and come back to more gold and items. It's so easy to become overpowered and it takes the fun out of it.
If you want a game that's challenging and gives you a sense of reward for finishing a level, this game isn't for you.

I've seen Lunime make good games. I was really excited for this one. However, they abandoned it for Gatcha Life. This game had so much wasted potential. If it gets updated, great! If not, I think Lunime is making a big mistake.

Game of Dice


The game was amazing. It was really fun to play. HOWEVER, despite everything I did, the game would not let me get past the third quest. I did everything. I even went and looked up tutorials. I wasted a good two hours trying get past that quest so I could move forward. I might download it again when more of the bugs are fixed.

There were way to many adds. You can't redo a level without watching an ad, even if you failed. It also takes 10 levels to be able to get to settings. Not good.

Bendy in Nightmare Run


I really like the game. It's a fun way to pass the time. I'm not one to play these types games, but this one is really fun. My only issue with the game is the sound cuts out after an ad and I can't get it back without reloading the game.

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