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i love Akutagawa so bad man, he is sooooo hot and that's facts
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i love Akutagawa so bad man, he is sooooo hot and that's facts
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This game is so cute!!! Awww i love the cards and the sound is so good!! The gameplay is easy but cute at the same time and the storyline is well done!!
PS: Himari best girl and you cant say other , she make my heart go uwu[色色]

This game has nothing bad to discuss...its awesome!! the graphic is smooth and well done, the gameplay is funny and the storyline animated as well!! Aquors are the best!! ♡



ITS SUPER DUPER CUTE...also my waifu Megumi is gorgeous [色色]...please add english language so i can understand what my girl says

The Graphics is cute but at the same time so true to the original series! The Sounds are so relaxing and the Gameplay (even tho its the same and same and same) is funny! The Story obviously is the same as the anime with special effects that remind u of Puella Magi Madoka. Recommended for a fan of PMMM[開心]

i cant crash


Its cute and the gacha is well balanced!

Attack on Titan: Assault


everything is so strange and bad omg

At first i was having problems to play it because i wasnt understand the game, but now the only thing i can say is: WAIFU EVERYWHERE

Crash Fever | Japanese


At first it was hard to do gacha and play but after some time i finally understand more!. Its a simple but cute game! I love how the characters are draw in there and i love how simple this game is!.
So if u want a simple but cute game with a balanced are come to the right place!

Akutagawa my baby cinnamon roll is just perfect in every SSR...please no "hate replies", i just wanted everyone to know how much i love my cutie (>﹏<)❤❣💕💞💓💗💖💝💘💜

Mega Miracle Force


Its hard to have gems but still an enjoyable game [厲害]


Pokémon Quest



The worst and the hardest gacha i have EVER seen but otherwise is a very good game and fun to play :D

Pokemon Rumble Rush


The graphics is the same as the orginal game and its cute; The sound is cute but after a little it become annoying but still cute; The gameplay is annoying after some time because its always the same. But easy to play

The gacha is not so lucky with me ;-; but the game is pretty good!! The graphics of characters have to improve but otherwise is good

The tutorial is TOO long and the gacha is horrible.

its not that good c'mon

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