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Girl who's into Osomatsu-san! I adore "Gacha" games like Hesokuri Wars, Dragalia Lost, A3! and FEH but I also love dress-up games!
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Girl who's into Osomatsu-san! I adore "Gacha" games like Hesokuri Wars, Dragalia Lost, A3! and FEH but I also love dress-up games!
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Gacha Club


A cute "anime" style game where you can make your own characters! There is a wide variety of dress-up options, especially when compared to Gacha Life! There is also a "story mode" where you can collect cards and use them in turn-based battles against shadow monsters and the like! Beware: you will have to grind a lot (and I mean a LOT) to get materials to gacha for limit breaks and upgrading your cards, so if you're not into that, just concentrate on the "character making" part of the game!

Dragalia Lost


Another "gacha" type of game but listen, it's very generous! If you do your daily tasks, the wyrmite builds up very quickly and you can summon a lot of good units if you're patient! It's very grindy and resource manage-y (rupies, resources for weapons/ building up the Halidom, etc.) but it's worth it to have 8k and higher units if you're good with that kind of thing, haha! I've taken off one "star" for the obliviousness of the player character and a few "plot twists" that made me cry in frustration sometimes, but this is a top-tier game!

A3! | Japanese


A cute game about "training" anime boys to act on the stage! It is fairly simple, arrange a team of character cards and put them into "practice" to level them and their skills up, along with gaining affection to unlock character stories! I enjoyed the translated version of this game, so I wanted to check the original out too! There are some cards and mechanics (like the train mission where you can get EXP to rank up) that are not available in the EN version yet, so I am happy I have both versions on my phone, haha!

A wonderful game that I started around 2017! I watched the Hamamaru AND the Katsugeki animes a while back and got obsessed with these sword boys, so I do recommend watching those first if you want more story and history about the swords in this series! You may not be into this if you do not like "grinding" the maps to get your boys to level 99 or "resource management" for smithing and healing swords! There is quite a bit to learn about this game, but it is very enjoyable if you know the series, figure out how to navigate the menus if you don't know a lot of Japanese and don't mind the things I mentioned above!

Hello, as a fellow "NEET" and Osomatsu-san fan, I am absolutely in LOVE with this game! The different forms of the 'Matsus stay true to the style of the anime and even reference it (example, that one Karamatsu in his bathrobe with a knife in his back from the "Calming Osomatsu" skit!) Gameplay-wise, it is like Battle Cats with the "use points to summon units and take down the enemy's base while protecting your own" system! The gacha system is pretty fair, you occasionally get daily free summons on specific banners and diamonds can be abundant during special times (such as the 6666RT thing that went on a while ago!) My one complaint is that I can't figure out how to get the paid diamonds since every method I've tried to buy them has been declined, but that's not the game's fault since I don't know how a US person should spend money on a JP game, haha!

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I guess it's a combination of reasons?
1. I'm anxious about confessing in person since I stutter a lot, so I write instead
2. Even though I wrote a love letter to my crush, I was gently rejected by them
3. Honestly, why do I need to date when Karamatsu Matsuno from Osomatsu-san exists?
(Don't feel bad for me, I'm still good friends with my ex-crush and we're both happy with our otaku lives, haha!)
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