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EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


Could be a good game, but most of the gameplay ist waiting in loading screens...

Interesting graphics, gameplay is a bit boring and you have to click a lot to progress.

Boring story and too much p2w

Dr. Mario World


Was a funny game to kill some time...

Very good story, frustrating gacha. Sometimes you spent a few tickets and get the five star servant and sometimes nothing after spending more than 1k sq.

Guardian Tales | Global


Very good game, funny story and good challenges.
But it feels like the gacha rates changed and it's now harder to get three star heros. Before is was getting harder to get the special weapons.
edit: seems like gacha depends on your story progress, but its still very hard to get the good weapon's.

Picross - Sky Castle


Very nice game.
Thete are lots of levels to solve, I can't see an end for now.

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