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Heaven Burns Red


A game that got off to a good start but has fallen off in recent days. Story wise, its decent so far. Not game of the year material, but quite good nonetheless. The mc, ruka is more annoying than likeable. Most other characters are a lot more likeable than her. Boss mechanics are awful to say the least. Most bosses are copy pasta with very few mechanics that are also utterly disingenious. Every boss just has 3 attacks that it spams like clockwork. No interesting gimmicks or innovative mechanics AT ALL. Very few, if any solo banners happen, meaning getting the characters you want is really hard. Mostly featuring 3 rate up characters on 1 banner meaning your rate of getting your waifu is already 1/3rd of what it was. Enemies are complete reskins of previous enemies. Im not joking.They really are.

But the worst parts have been in recent days. They introduced another poorly designed boss for whom you would require min limit broken SS characters to defeat at lv 2 and 3, which you can only get if you get an extra copy of that SS character. Yet someone found a way to tank some of its obnoxious hits with an A rank (lowest rarity) character. Now mind you, to do this, you still needed to put in time and effort. This was not a glitch. Yet the devs "fixed" this and made the A rank character (ooshima ichiko) weaker so f2p's would have no chance of beating this boss unless they pulled her SS version or have a bunch of lb ss chara, for which it takes an atrociously long time or you need to get lucky in the gacha and pull an extra copy. Now heres the real kicker: her SS version was added RIGHT after they "fixed" this exploit. So its pretty obvious they just made her weaker to force people to use their currency on her. To call this game the biggest disappointment of the year in terms of gacha games is an understatement. I will happily change my review if I see improvement but till then, this game stays at 1 star.

Any fanboy etc angry at my negative review, please don't reply to me. I really don't care. I don't want to start an argument here. If you don't like what I said, just move on and ignore my comment. Peace.

All in all a very good game and great value for money. Quite unlike a lot of greedy gacha games out there like fgo and idolmaster cg. Value for money is kinda wrongly worded tho because u never really will have to spend money. You also don't have to grind several hours for materials because it lets you insta finish quests u have already done.This makes farming so very much easier.The character live action animations are also very smooth and not clunky and the sp attack animations are also really really cool. Later levels also encourage you to think about team comp and synergy very well. It's only major flaw is that the story is basically based on the anime so not much originality there. And the enemy hp and level scaling is kinda poorly paced. All in all, a very solid game with an engaging turn based combat system that I highly recommend.

This is a prime example of inception gone wrong. I have heard a lot of praise for this game and believe me, most of it is false. DO NOT listen to all the fanboys in the comments. This game is bad and not at all worth your time. Why? The gacha rates are abysmal. You do not need ssr's to clear harder content. I can attest to that. But, that said, it is absolutely unfair to the fanbase that even if you spend months saving for one servant you want, you are never guaranteed to get anything. And please don't give me that bs that " they are a buisness,". With all the money they have made, they still have a crappy UI and almost no voice acting in the story. While this game treats some heroes well and sheds light on their saga's in a very objective manner, at the same time, it treats others as products to sell, genderbending males into females with big breasts or lolis and making females targets for doujins as fanservice for degenerates and thus being utterly disrespectful to them.

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