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for reward only

hm... i already played this game before re-releasing and aside of new UI, i didn't see any great different with the old one. almost all aspects is the same.

- Character(s) fragments is harder to get(no farmable fragment in hard mode anymore)
- Difficult to hit enemies for side scrolling game
- Skill now have unnecessary individual animation(for my phone is quite heavy), and can be skipped anytime(i dont know this is a good thing or bad thing)
- L2d animation in home screen doesn't get any update/upgrade... still the same as before
- No other equipment recommendation for each character. all recommendation is from gacha and it's not cheap
- No new voiceline?(not quite sure about this one because i didn't check all voices)
- There was many feature that not yet unlock
- No button modifications. it's quite hard to evade enemies attack with SMALL evade button at top right of attack button
- Date feature removed or moved?(anyone know where is it?)

I think that's it for my review. thanks for reading my review [不滿][微笑]

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