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Wondering Anime Style Gamers
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Wondering Anime Style Gamers
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Merge Girls : Idle RPG


So far its good...
Drop rate high for gacha game 🤔
Or i just lucky 🤣😂

Not good but not bad either [白眼]

Genshin Impact


Just good Graphics game that ALL

Good game to waste time while waiting for stamina on other game to fill Up[開心][開心][開心][不滿]

Game crash on loading Screen for ROG 5
Download Loop always happen

Touhou LostWord | Global


Same like japan version, Still stuck on loading screen, Maybe this game cant been run on upper version
BTW ROG 5 user here

If u love horse
This is the game [不滿][開心]

Dont understand Japanese?
always play the global version first !!!

Most Awesome Auto game...
dont have time to play?
Skip ticket Always the answer[怪笑][色色]

Monster Super League


Good game to spend time
Catch, Raise and upgrade your daughter to full potential [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

Clash of Clans | Global


The Game is good
All we only need is more builder and event for more resources every month
The game currently old and fighting with current gams if they didn't make new events, the game surely dead in future

Only one thing i want to said :



Good Game!!!
once you enter idol hell, say goodbye to you daily life
you soul will directly goes to hell for sure [委屈][委屈][委屈]

[委屈] So far the game good, daily quest easy to complete and can get summon item easy if you farm correctly, the only problem is not much player play on same server... uselly game like this make much server that new people will play new server. where the fun in that [怪笑]

So Far so good[開心][開心][開心]
All Story Progress and event look cool



Good FPS game But Lack of Event
need to improve some event, Royal Pass Seem good but make it better for near future[鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉]

Law of Creation | English


Good Game,
Sadly it already cut off new events
So what the points to continue the adventure without new stuff?!

In Memories 2019~~~~🤙👍

Need To Fix Game System
Always need To Download Content When Open
Depend On Phone, It will Become Pain To Always Download Same Content Every Hour
Fix It Please ASAP

Eternal City | SEA


Good Game To Waste You Time
Action Point (AP) Good System Where we Have to wait For Its To Full
(7Days Count down / 1Week Of Playing 😂)
Best Game That will Have Calloboration With Other Anime In FUTURE!!! [開心]

Azur Lane | English


If You Non A Lolicon, Better Not Playing This Game...
Every Lolicon Gather Here

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6* Arisa & Monika [怪笑][怪笑] Read Note
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