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this game is kinda fun....actually...really fun....i love this a fan of the series...this game really takes me back...

My Hero Academia


[微笑]i really love this game probably the best bnha game

pretty good graphics. I totally love it

oh so I think I was wrong I really like this game it's a bit attractive with all the things. I think they'll make it even more good in the coming years anyway, good job

I think it's great for beginner guys like me.

it doesn't even open

the game is cool infact I actually don't know Tokyo ghoul or anything , just to cope up with all my friends I downloaded it and it really surprised me so way to go Tokyo ghoul

I'm a fan of the anime series my hero academia and I've been surfing the whole net for this. and it looks like I really like this game. you guys should play this!
although I'm looking for an English version

I'm a fan of dragon ball and I'd appreciate the creators for this badass game!

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