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very fun and nostalgic game, and easy to pick up. the rates in the gacha are kind of a turnoff but the jp version gives out enough freebies to somewhat compensate for it. If the devs keep dishing out 12.5% banners it will be much nicer, or if they increased the focus pull rates. 4.2 for non DQ fans and a solid 4.7/5.0 for DQ fans

Fair gacha with a "pity" system, and no incentive or pressure to buy Gems for pulling weapons. Nostalgic OST, roster, and enemies around every corner. All of the characters and armors are free to get; instead you pull for weapons for the characters. The storyline is great, especially coming from a mobile game. Great communication from the developers to the players. I really enjoy the game but its easy to burnout on during "World of Illusions" Summon Board and Divine Board farming. All in all its a good experience, and an even better one if you already have an attachment to FF.

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