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It's a nice game. The characters look good. My only complaint is gacha. Maybe I am unlucky but for me it was hard to get event costumes. I got normal 3 star characters instead.



I really like this game. It's beautiful and the girls are cute. I recommend it. The only flaw is it's big size but in my opinion it's worth it.

Your Majesty


Nice game with cute characters. I like the possibility that my characters can be good or bad. It' s something new. But unfortunately I have no luck in gacha. Are the rates really so bad or it's just my bad luck?

Very good game with interesting character design. Unfortunately, for me is very hard to get 4 star characters from gacha. Too bad, because this is one of my favorite games. Or am I just unlucky? What is your opinion?

Cyber Gunner


Nice game but it's hard to get really good characters.

Very nice game but I don't know how to get more costumes. Can I get them during events?

I like it but could someone tell me how to unlock new characters and costumes?

Jam-Mu Sport!


Nice game but how to unlock more characters?

Great game with beautiful graphics.Unfortunately, gacha doesn't work . Is is because of my phone?

Lunch Break Volleyball


It's hard to hit the ball because I only see the shadow of it in the air.On the upper screen there is only a dialogue instead of the ball. Too bad because characters are cute.

To unlock some clothes,I need to buy something from the shop.I did it but I couldn't unlock it anyway.

Soukou Musume


Nice game and cute characters but for me it was very hard to get 3* characters. Are gacha rates so low or was I unlucky?

Bistro Heroes


The game is great, but costumes are expensive.

Lutie Chronicles


Cute characters, but it's hard to get new characters and costumes.

Are all the characters paid? How to get more girls?

Otogi Frontier


Great game with a lot of free stuff for new users.

Blue Oath | Japanese


Could someone tell me how to heal my team members?

Is it my phone or are the characters very pixelated? Especially their faces. Should it be like that?

Could someone tell me how to change my party?
I don't speak Chinese.

I like it but characters could be bigger.

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