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Just your typical gacha gamer.
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Just your typical gacha gamer.
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This game art style is smoother than my life. Also, never seen a summoning system so beautiful and the story is also good as it follows the original plot from anime. Definitely worth a try.

Hope it comes to global.

This game really needs a global release. The art style is very smooth and from the looks the story revolves around a apocalyptic world(love to read story when it gets a global release), lots of rewards and the gacha is also generous and the most interesting about this game is that you turn your waifu into hmmm.. their dark sexy version and then they will step on you because you're pathetic and so am I.

I am not gonna compare this to honkai impact. So, the gameplay is really good, the combat system is not that complicated but still you need to watch some guides for characters and memory, the graphics are top notch and the game is very well optimize ( running it with max settings at 60fps). One thing that I most like about this game is that even the lowest grade characters are useful in different areas (ofc if you invest in them). Overall AA game.
Waiting for global release so we can enjoy the story as well.

If you're looking for a waifu collector and dating sim with high quality graphics and voice acting this is for you and also the battle mechanics are good. And ofcourse if you watched the anime you will play it and if you haven't watch it(this is one the best harem anime out there).

just okay as a side game. the only thing that i don't like is that they are giving very less rewards for a game that is just launched. There is not much for new players.

Global version please!

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