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ayyy what it is how it do
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ayyy what it is how it do
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Brave Frontier | Global


one of the best gacha games ive ever played, no joke. sprites look amazing, the music can put you to sleep, easy to get into, and evolution procedure isnt that hard to grind for

PlayStation App


the gacha system in this game is breath-taking, really loved the yu yu hakusho crossover that they added during the legendary finish banner with one for all uopp

One Piece Thousand Storm


5/5 holy shit award



idk every jojo stan on twitter has these profile pics, other than that if you like jojo, you'll like this game

ok fellas let me sit you down, ive been playing this game for 5 years, made about 3 new accounts when i gotta switch phones, and holy shit, this game will kick your ass and keep you up. if you want to ever start on this game, wait for the anniversaries to start happening, stone grinding is nuts when story is over, getting shafted happens everytime, also mind you that this is coming from an f2p player.

anyways yes i recommend this mobile game it has been an experience

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